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Feedback Migration

Just a heads up, the feedback page where you enter and vote on site suggestions is going to be unavailable for a little bit. The Google Moderator service we have been using for it is shutting down soon. Suggestions and voting will be closed while the existing data is moved. I'll post an update when this process is complete and the page is available again.


Categories: news
Date: 2015-06-06 11:06:15, 9 years and 21 days ago

My Resources Tutorial

Just a quick heads up everyone, I've added another tutorial video. This one talks about how to use the Favorites/My Resources feature. Here's the link: Favorites


Categories: news
Date: 2012-09-12 21:59:20, 11 years and 288 days ago

End Of Liberator!

Well, it's finally over. Liberator is wiped and we're back on the road of progress. I'm sure you've all noticed that the new Basilisk galaxy is listed and resource info is starting to come in. Though, I don't expect a fervent effort to keep everything tracked until after we move out of Pre-Alpha stage. Regardless of the impending wipes during Pre-Alpha, I hope Galaxy Harvester will be a useful tool to share bits and peices of what's out there, even if the spawns don't stay for long.

Before we let Liberator sink all the way into the Dune Sea, I wanted to recognize some of the most awesome resource surveyors who served during the time of Liberator. First, I will mention Eber. Though we have not seen much of Eber lately, he holds the record for most resources added on Liberator at 1,153. I remember his name filling the top current harvesters stats for quite some time last year. More recently, kbarton10 and jsteuck have been keeping us all in the know with constant resource information. Kbarton10 almost caught up to the insane record Eber set even, and jsteuck has been a consitent contributer in both the resource and waypoint categories. If I listed everyone, this post would be a huge block of usernames, but take a second to check out the stats page with the Liberator galaxy selected to see who's been making Galaxy Harvester worth using.

Myself and many other players appreciate the efforts of those who take the time to keep Galaxy Harvester updated. With Basilisk coming online, it looks like we have some new members getting in the mix adding resources too, and that is great. The more of us pitching in, the easier the job is for everyone. There is a certain enjoyment to be gained from cataloguing all the stuff out there too, I think. Thanks again all of you who update resource data on Galaxy Harvester, and donate cash to cover the hosting fees.

See you on Basilisk!


Categories: members, galaxies, news
Date: 2012-05-15 09:39:51, 12 years and 43 days ago

Still Alive

Hey, it's been some time since you've seen news, so I wanted to give you all a quick update on current Galaxy Harvester activity. For the most part, I've been working on a new feature where you will be able to mark resources as favorites to keep track of and group specific resources on a personalized page. I would say it is about 50% done at this point, so that should be coming out within a month or two.

You may or may not have noticed recently some performance improvements on various parts of the site. Over the last couple of weeks improvements to the efficiency of a large number of database queries have gone in. As new features have gone in over time, things have gotten more complex, so a review and tuning was long overdue. Finally, today I have refreshed the schematic data from the current SWGEmu code base which adds almost 300 schematics, bringing the total up to 1660 now. And yes, I remembered to swap the OQ/PE weights on the chemical schematics this time! ;-)



Categories: news
Date: 2012-03-17 15:51:21, 12 years and 102 days ago

Resource Feeds

Wow, someone just brought to my attention that the resource RSS feeds were not working. And they haven't been since January. I've got them working now for the few of you that use them. Sorry about that!

Resource Feeds Page


Categories: news
Date: 2011-07-10 06:21:31, 12 years and 353 days ago

Galaxy Harvester Moved

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back, and sorry we were away for a while. We should be here at for a while now!

We're running in a new environment which required some adjusting, so I did some testing and fixed some things that needed fixing, but if you find anything amiss, please report it here, or to

As always, thanks for updating the site, and happy hunting!


Categories: news
Date: 2011-01-26 06:21:24, 13 years and 153 days ago


A wave of change hit SWG Emu while I was out of touch for a week or so. Thanks to your heads up though, Galaxy Harvester was set up for the new Liberator galaxy a couple days ago. The resources have already started flowing in, so it looks like that will not be news to many. Today, a new galaxy was also added for the seventh wipe of Test Center with the object restructure code.

While things have been pretty quiet, work has been continuing on some of the larger features suggested over on the suggestions page. At least one of them is getting close to completion though, so hopefully it can be released soon. Please share any new ideas you may have as well, the suggestions page is always open. Or if you're new to the site with the Liberator server opening up, consider voting on the ideas there too.


Categories: news, galaxies
Date: 2011-01-13 06:21:28, 13 years and 166 days ago

Goodbye Ads

You may have noticed that advertisements were removed from the site recently. For various reasons that may be obvious, it wasn't a very good fit for the site. Think ads for agriculture equipment, and combine that with people who appreciate Galaxy Harvester, but really aren't interested in things that really aren't remotely related, and we had something that probably didn't work well for anyone.

For those who find the application useful, we've set up a new way for you to contribute to keeping us running. There is a button on the home page which you have probably already seen you can click to make a donation to the site. Your donation will help to pay for art, development, and hosting of Galaxy Harvester, keeping the lights on and new features coming your way. We appreciate any donation you can give, and if you can't, everyone appreciates your continuted contributions to updating resource information on Galaxy Harvester.



Categories: news, contribute
Date: 2010-09-04 06:21:28, 13 years and 297 days ago

GH Alpha is Live on apex-games!

Well, it took some work but we're all set up here on All existing user accounts and resource data was successfully migrated here. In the process I've also added this blog to the site as a way to let everyone know what's going on with the site as far as new features, notices, etc. Also, the planet selection drop downs have been changed to default to no selection instead of Corellia, to prevent accidental mass posting of resources to Corellia by accident! Thanks to Brane Ded for the suggestion on that one.

I have a lot of ideas for this tool, what you see now is just the beginning. Hopefully over the coming months I can turn some of those ideas, as well as suggestions from all of you into a reality. For now at least, we have an easy to use, information rich tool for keeping track of the stuff spawning on Test Center Nova.

As cRush stated here on the SWG Emu Forums, some web based tools are planned which should include a resource management tool. No doubt they will come up with something really cool, and I'm excited to see what other kinds of tools are included as well. Until it comes out, I hope everyone finds Galaxy Harvester useful. Most likely my next order of business will be adding to the help page to provide information on how to best use the site's current features. Here's a short list of some other long term ideas I'm to incorporate into Galaxy Harvester:

  • RSS feeds you can subscribe to that keep you updated on the latest resource activity
  • Different views for grouping and sorting on the Available Resources page.
  • Comprehensive crafting schematic information highly integrated with resource data giving you the ability to search for the best current or server all time best resources for a particular schematic.
  • (Maybe, I'm not sure if this one can work yet.) Maps of each planet with the ability to add resource spawn waypoint markers that can be sold to other members for credits (via exchange of a code that allows the waypoint to be unlocked), creating a market for the Resource Scouts of the galaxy.
  • More stats and features that highlight the sites top contributors.

Thanks for being a part of Galaxy Harvester!

Categories: news, features
Date: 2010-04-01 06:21:28, 14 years and 88 days ago


The Galaxy Harvester application is currently being migrated to it's new home here on Current user and resource data will be moved over by the end of the week.

Categories: news
Date: 2010-03-31 06:21:25, 14 years and 89 days ago