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Server Best Alerts Resumed

Some improved efficiency has been put in place and Server Best Alerts are now resumed, so you start getting those again now.

Sorry for the disruption, I hope you did not miss anything awesome.


Categories: news
Date: 2022-07-06 00:18:10, 2 years and 12 days ago

Server Best Alerts Paused

Please be advised that server best alerts have been temporarily paused. We are encountering a performance issue that is causing the system to be unable to keep up with them and falling perpetually behind. Once that is resolved, they will be enabled again. Another post will come out when that is done, but until then no alerts for server best resource spawns will go out. Normal spawn and despawn alerts that you sent are unaffected by this and will continue to work.

You may want to keep a closer eye on the resources spawning in your galaxy until this is resolved.


Categories: news
Date: 2022-06-25 09:03:57, 2 years and 23 days ago

Find by Unverified and More

Today we have a few features and tweaks coming to you contributed by MrKraken. Check them out, I'm sure many will appreciate them:

  • A new theme "Dark Mode" is available. Try it out by changing your theme on the profile page.
  • opengraph metadata added to resource pages. When you share a link to a specific resource page in some places like Discord, etc. Resource stats will display as a preview
  • You can now filter by "unverified" resources on the Find Page.
  • The suggestions page has improved display features including retained newlines and timestamped entries.

Thanks again for your contributions MrKraken!


Categories: features
Date: 2021-08-18 14:31:43, 2 years and 334 days ago

A New Flow for Resource Favorite Groups

As time passed and features were added to the inventory aspect of Galaxy Harvester, it has taken on much more baggage than the simple concept of starring a resource as a favorite that it began as. In light of that, the concept of marking resources as favorites is evolving a bit today in a way that should relate more closely to the evolved set of features around resource inventory. This will not change the way inventory works so much as how resources flow in and out of it.

You will notice that resources no longer have an on/off star next to thier name. Instead, in the far right of the resource box is an indicator of what "bucket" the resource is currently in for you. You can click on whatever the current icon is to bring up a picker that lets you select that. In addition to these groups being represented on the inventory screen, they also interact with some new widgets on the top left of the home page. These new widgets highlight two of new fixed resource inventory groups, "Surveying" and "Harvesting".

The Surveying widget lists all the resources you have marked as such, and lists planet information and waypoint availability indicator. As you review alerts and identify resources you want to go out and survey for, you might add them to this group. They will be conveniently grouped with planet info handy until you are ready to go out and start tracking them down.

The Harvesting widget lists all the resources you have marked as such, and lists the type and age of the resource as well as a despawn alert management icon. If a resource in your harvesting list becomes unavailable, the harvester icon will also shift from green to red giving you visual queue that this resource you are harvesting has stopped spawning. Naturally, after that happens, you might move that resource to a custom inventory group, which can be done from the new picker as well.

There is also another built in group called Shopping you can move resources into. This is intended to allow you to favorite resources that you don't have and can't harvest, but want to try to acquire from others. Since you don't have them yet, resources in this group and the Surveying group will not show up as available to you when doing quality comparisons on the schematics and finder pages. You can continue to use inventory as before by just clicking resources straight to inventory if you don't want to use these new pre-defined groups.

As usual, there's a few other minor fixes, etc. also, here they are:

  • Added remove checked button to inventory page for bulk removing from inventory.
  • Add ability to edit/remove base schematics for a specific galaxy incase it is customized there.


Categories: features
Date: 2021-02-06 17:53:59, 3 years and 162 days ago

Fixes and Cleanup

Today we have a laundry list of fixes and tweaks being published. Please review the following list for details, and enjoy.

  • Fix issue when adding new custom schematic via lua file upload causing error.
  • Display inventory units qty when available on schematic and find resources compare screens.
  • Fix issue with component schematic display listing custom schematics for other galaxies as schematics it can be used in.
  • Fix session and cookie management so your login is remembered for longer (6 months).
  • Add galaxy name to alerts so it is more clear what galaxy an alert is for if you play on multiple servers.
  • Fix display of in-game info on profile so multi line shows up right.
  • Added galaxy name to history list display on resource page to make it more obvious what resource galaxy is in.
  • Added ability to filter your recipe list by profession.


Categories: fixes
Date: 2020-05-26 18:06:12, 4 years and 53 days ago

Guest Feature: Copy Stats

Today we release the second guest feature submitted to the Galaxy Harvester open source code base. . GitHub user, MrKraken provided a new feature which allows you to copy a resources stats to your clipboard by clicking anywhere its stats are displayed.

An update was also made to the survey droid report submit button to call out what galaxy you are about to submit for to hopefully cut down on some accidental wrong galaxy submissions.

Thanks MrKraken!


Categories: features, guest
Date: 2019-10-29 19:26:25, 4 years and 263 days ago

Server Maintenance

There are two upcoming server maintenance windows where Galaxy Harvester will be unavailable for a short time. Our hosting provider is doing operating system upgrades on the servers that Galaxy Harvester runs un. The site will be unavailable for up to two hours sometime in both of these windows:

  • August 20th 6:00pm - 10:00pm PDT
  • August 21st 6:00pm - 10:00pm PDT


Categories: news, downtime
Date: 2019-08-18 12:52:17, 4 years and 335 days ago

Shared Inventory

Today you will find a new setting in your profile in the "Other Info" section. You can select to make your inventory list public or shared with people on your friends list. The link you can use to share it with others should be displayed on your profile page, or you can just copy it from the URL in your browser when on your inventory page because they are one and the same.

In the minor updates category there are a couple things. For one, more of the site should be usable if you have cookies disabled now, and there is a "Clear" button added to the site alerts list on the homepage now so you can dismiss them all easier.


Categories: features
Date: 2019-07-14 21:54:16, 5 years and 5 days ago

Inventory Deduct

Added a small feature today on the recipe tool from suggestions page. This is to help you manage your inventory tracking easier if you like to keep track of your resource unit quantities on the favorites page. Now, after you use the factory run calculator tool on the recipe page, a button will show that you can click to automatically deduct the calculated resource amounts for the factory run from your inventory. It should give you a warning message if your inventory gets depleted of an item or you didn't have some item in your inventory.

Here are a couple small updates that happened as well

  • Enabled all reputation gated tools for galaxy admins. This means when a new galaxy is added the server admins can start adding custom schematics and other stuff right away.
  • Base Emu Schematic and Creature data imported from SWGEmu pub9 code


Categories: features
Date: 2019-04-21 09:25:38, 5 years and 89 days ago

Alerts Delays

Several of you have reported issues with alerts right now. You may be experiencing getting alerts for resources long after they have spawned or just not getting alerts at all. The service that checks for the alerts and sends out the emails seems to be a bit backed up right now. I'll be working to help get it caught up, but this will likely take a couple days and some alerts for resources that spawns over the last 5 days might not go out.

You may want to keep a closer eye on the resources spawning in your galaxy until I get the alerts system caught up.


Categories: news
Date: 2018-08-17 01:36:43, 5 years and 336 days ago