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End Of Liberator!

Well, it's finally over. Liberator is wiped and we're back on the road of progress. I'm sure you've all noticed that the new Basilisk galaxy is listed and resource info is starting to come in. Though, I don't expect a fervent effort to keep everything tracked until after we move out of Pre-Alpha stage. Regardless of the impending wipes during Pre-Alpha, I hope Galaxy Harvester will be a useful tool to share bits and peices of what's out there, even if the spawns don't stay for long.

Before we let Liberator sink all the way into the Dune Sea, I wanted to recognize some of the most awesome resource surveyors who served during the time of Liberator. First, I will mention Eber. Though we have not seen much of Eber lately, he holds the record for most resources added on Liberator at 1,153. I remember his name filling the top current harvesters stats for quite some time last year. More recently, kbarton10 and jsteuck have been keeping us all in the know with constant resource information. Kbarton10 almost caught up to the insane record Eber set even, and jsteuck has been a consitent contributer in both the resource and waypoint categories. If I listed everyone, this post would be a huge block of usernames, but take a second to check out the stats page with the Liberator galaxy selected to see who's been making Galaxy Harvester worth using.

Myself and many other players appreciate the efforts of those who take the time to keep Galaxy Harvester updated. With Basilisk coming online, it looks like we have some new members getting in the mix adding resources too, and that is great. The more of us pitching in, the easier the job is for everyone. There is a certain enjoyment to be gained from cataloguing all the stuff out there too, I think. Thanks again all of you who update resource data on Galaxy Harvester, and donate cash to cover the hosting fees.

See you on Basilisk!


Categories: members, galaxies, news
Date: 2012-05-15 09:39:51, 12 years and 66 days ago


A wave of change hit SWG Emu while I was out of touch for a week or so. Thanks to your heads up though, Galaxy Harvester was set up for the new Liberator galaxy a couple days ago. The resources have already started flowing in, so it looks like that will not be news to many. Today, a new galaxy was also added for the seventh wipe of Test Center with the object restructure code.

While things have been pretty quiet, work has been continuing on some of the larger features suggested over on the suggestions page. At least one of them is getting close to completion though, so hopefully it can be released soon. Please share any new ideas you may have as well, the suggestions page is always open. Or if you're new to the site with the Liberator server opening up, consider voting on the ideas there too.


Categories: news, galaxies
Date: 2011-01-13 06:21:28, 13 years and 189 days ago

Wipe 3

The galaxy has been refreshed once again!


Categories: galaxies
Date: 2010-10-09 06:21:31, 13 years and 285 days ago


It's a fresh new galaxy again, and it's sure to happen many more times. "TC Nova O.R. 2" is the new active galaxy if you're tracking resources during testing. While Galaxy Harvester is much less utilized in an active testing, blue frog environment, we'll continue to refresh to a new galaxy for each wipe as long as people are using it. And who knows, maybe we'll even get a few new features set up in time for Suncrusher!

Happy Testing!


Categories: galaxies
Date: 2010-10-03 06:21:29, 13 years and 291 days ago

OR Wipe

Well, the wipe party is over and it's time to get back to work with some real testing. With the complete wipe in game, we will also be starting over from scratch here at Galaxy Harvester. The old "TC Nova" galaxy will be frozen, and the new galaxy available in the galaxy drop down list at the top right of ever page named "TC Nova OR Wipe" will be open for resource reports. New visitors will default to the new galaxy, but if your a GH regular, you may need to select the new galaxy from the drop down once.

See you in the OR!

Categories: galaxies
Date: 2010-09-30 06:21:27, 13 years and 294 days ago