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At long last a new feature has been released. A new tool called My Alerts lets you pick a resource type or group and enter minimum stat values you are looking for. If a resource is added that has at least the minimum on all stats you specified, you will be notified, either by a list on the home page, an email, or both, depending on your selection. You will only be notified if all the minimums on a row you specify are met, so if you want to be notified if one stat OR a another stat of the same resource meets a minimum, you should make two separate alert rows for that. Go to the My Alerts page and set up your alerts now.

A couple smaller updates are also published today:

  • The xml and csv file links should no longer forget what galaxy you have selected and give you the link for the right galaxy.
  • Buttons to add a waypoint have been added to the home page and the individual resource pages.

    • -ioscode

Categories: features, fixes
Date: 2011-08-04 06:21:27, 12 years and 256 days ago

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