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How do you keep track of what ingredients you use to make the different variations of products that you craft? I have pretty much relied on my memory in the past, which is not so great. That is why I was happy to see the feature being released today voted to the top of the suggestions list by Galaxy Harvester members. Starting today, you can build recipes that define a set of resources that are used to fill a schematic. If you're already using the favorites/inventory feature, you'll be ahead of the game for getting started with recipes, becuase your favorite resources are what you can select to build recipes from.

If you haven't already started defining your inventory on Galaxy Harvester, you might want to start by clicking the star on some resources in the resource list you have, or heading over to the My Resources page to set up some inventory. If you've already got some favorites defined you might want to start at the Recipe Home page to start a new recipe or try out the suggestions tool. I hope people will find this to be a useful crafters aide.

With this release, there's also a little something new to acquaint you with the new recipes feature. In addition to providing some information on the help page, there is also a tutorial video available to watch that will show you around. You can watch the tutorial on the help page here.

Other Minor Updates Included in this Release:

  • Schematics will list component ingredients as a link to that component schematic.
  • Schematic resource ingredients will link to resource type.
  • Added shortcuts to Alerts and Inventory in login area at top right of pages.
  • Prevent same user from being able to verify resource on same planet multiple times.
  • Updated the default theme to resemble the in-game Alpha Blue theme.
  • Tweaked Top Resources list calculation to more directly take into account a weighting of how much different stats are used in resources overall.
  • Include unavailable resources in auto-complete add by name feature on Favorites page.
  • Make user names in Waypoint list linky.
  • Fixed favorite indicator not working on schematic pages resource lists.

Over the past couple weeks, I have also been adding more schematic images. The Artisan and Armorsmith professions are complete, and the furniture for architect. If anyone is so inclined, all members are able to add images for schematics that do not have them by going to the schematic page. The new recipe tool uses the schematic images for the lists, so some of these will be blank until more schematic images are uploaded. If you do decide to help out, please follow these guidelines to make the images more consistent:

  • Include only the object and background in the cropped image, not any surrounding borders or text.
  • When you crop the image, make it square.
  • Make sure the cropped image is at least 300x300 pixels.
  • If the schematic uses an image that is the same as another schematic, just link it to the other schematic instead of uploading a new image.


Categories: features, contribute, themes
Date: 2012-07-28 19:16:54, 11 years and 262 days ago

Resource Inventory

There are some upgrades to the Favorites page today. You can now enter amounts for your resources there. This can allow you to keep track of how much you have of a resource, or how much you want to collect, etc. You will also notice an indicator for the resource availability stats in each row now.

There's also a new theme! It's called Hutt, and it's meant to look like the Hutt interface style in game. Tons 'o green. Go to your profile page and try it out if you like that color scheme.


Categories: features, themes
Date: 2012-06-02 23:20:56, 11 years and 318 days ago

Update: RSS Feeds and more

Those of you who are familiar with the awesomeness of RSS will be extra pleased with todays update. Head on over to the feeds page, and you will find a new way to keep up to date on the resource data flowing into Galaxy Harvester. If you're not already familiar with subscribing to RSS feeds, this may be your opportunity to discover something new that you may use in many ways. So do a little research and try it out. You might like it.

Besides the feeds, there's a few smaller goodies coming your way as well. Apex got a couple new themes whipped up for you, so now you can style your experience with Destroyer or Rebel Flight Suits. Here's a list of some other minor tweaks of note in this update.

  • Fixed cookie so your theme sticks around when you're not logged in.
  • Made resource edit form populate with existing stats on edit action.
  • UI changes to Planet availability bar.
  • Added prompt to remove old resource if it exists when adding a new creature or flora resource.
  • Added link in resource list to verify a resource. Uses selected planet in search criteria.

Categories: features, themes
Date: 2010-04-24 06:21:30, 13 years and 358 days ago