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Fixes and Cleanup

Today we have a laundry list of fixes and tweaks being published. Please review the following list for details, and enjoy.

  • Fix issue when adding new custom schematic via lua file upload causing error.
  • Display inventory units qty when available on schematic and find resources compare screens.
  • Fix issue with component schematic display listing custom schematics for other galaxies as schematics it can be used in.
  • Fix session and cookie management so your login is remembered for longer (6 months).
  • Add galaxy name to alerts so it is more clear what galaxy an alert is for if you play on multiple servers.
  • Fix display of in-game info on profile so multi line shows up right.
  • Added galaxy name to history list display on resource page to make it more obvious what resource galaxy is in.
  • Added ability to filter your recipe list by profession.


Categories: fixes
Date: 2020-05-26 18:06:12, 3 years and 328 days ago

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