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Update: Themes and Avatars

While new tools for keeping track of all those hot resources are great, today we bring you an aesthetic update. Besides, the Doctors know what's hot right now, and Armorsmiths are digging a new trench big enough to trap a Kimogilla while harvesting this stuff.

So head over to your profile, which you can get to after logging in at the top right corner of the page and personalize your Galaxy Harvester experience a bit. You can now upload an Avatar image for yourself there, as well as choose from a few different color themes. Hopefully you find one you like, but if you don't, rest assured we have more themes on the way. For now there are three new options: FS Jedi, Imperial, and Rebel. A big thanks to Apex for giving me a hand with the theme setup.

More cool features on the way! Till next time, may the resources be with you.

Categories: features
Date: 2010-04-19 06:21:24, 14 years and 70 days ago

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