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More Feedback Features and Export Planets

You should now be able to add new suggestions and comment on existing ones on the feedback page. You must be logged in to do so.

Getting the addition of planet information to the exports file recently rose to the top of the popular suggestions. As of the next export, planet information will be included in the xml and csv export files.

Happy integrating,


Categories: features, integration
Date: 2015-06-28 10:32:27, 6 years and 40 days ago

Feedback and Bloodfin

Ok, so today we have a return of the Suggestions and Feedback page. Almost. At this point you can view and vote on feedback, but the ability to add new items and comment on existing ones is still in the works.

Also, as players on the Bloodfin server are aware, the new planets available there Hoth, and Dromund Kaas have not quite had full functionality here on Galaxy Harvester due to missing resource types and other details. As of now, almost all of those types are available and all site functionality for those planets should be available. There are a few resource types I think that might still not be in the list, but they will be getting added soon.

Happy surveying,


Categories: news, fixes
Date: 2015-06-13 17:25:33, 6 years and 55 days ago

Feedback Migration

Just a heads up, the feedback page where you enter and vote on site suggestions is going to be unavailable for a little bit. The Google Moderator service we have been using for it is shutting down soon. Suggestions and voting will be closed while the existing data is moved. I'll post an update when this process is complete and the page is available again.


Categories: news
Date: 2015-06-06 11:06:15, 6 years and 62 days ago

Despawn Alerts

Now available is a new kind of resource alert. If you are currently harvesting a resource, and want to be notified if that resource becomes unavailable on Galaxy Harvester, you can set that up. There are two places you can turn on the alert. You can go to your alerts page and add it there in the new despawn alerts box, or if you already have the resource added to your inventory, you can just update the despawn alert option in that resources row in your inventory.

As with the other alerts, you have the option of getting the alert via email, or on the home page of the website. When you add a despawn alert, it will default to email notification. If you want to change it to website, or turn it off, just click the envelope icon for the appropriate row.

A few minor things also going in today:

  • Added display for Resource, Mapping, and Reputation scores to profile pages.
  • Improved some of the tracking in resource event logging when resources are marked re-available or re-verified.
  • Fix top links to inventory an alerts when clicking from some pages like resource view and schematic.
  • Require positive reputation for editing or removing resources.


Categories: features, fixes
Date: 2013-10-20 19:33:22, 7 years and 291 days ago

Resource Admin

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. That's why today we're adding the ability to fix an incorrectly entered resource name, and the ability to correct the galaxy a resource was entered for. These controls will appear on the page for each resource which you can get to by clicking on a resource name anywhere it shows up on the site. These controls will only show up if you are logged in and have a high enough reputation on the site.


Categories: features
Date: 2013-09-15 15:22:30, 7 years and 326 days ago

Factory Calculator

Just a quick note to let everyone know a factory run calculator has been added to the Recipe page. Get those factories running!


Categories: features
Date: 2013-05-24 11:38:06, 8 years and 75 days ago

Find and Compare

The schematics tool is pretty great. It can help you find the best resources available or that have ever been available for the different slots of the schematic. It even lets you customize which experimental properties to take into account. I think this method makes sense for some people, but to many it is not very intuitive. That is why at long last we have added a resource finder tool. This tool lets you more directly specify exactly the stat percentages you are looking for to sort the results, as well as some other useful criteria options.

Another feature coming out today that has been long desired is a way to compare resources to your inventory. This is something that people have found to be useful in some of the desktop programs used in the past. If you have some resources added to your inventory on Galaxy Harvester, you can try this out right away. It is available in a couple different locations. When viewing a schematic you can click the "Compare" checkboxes on the right at the top of the best resources groups to compare to your resources. Also, when using the new resource finder tool, you can click the "Compare" button instead of the "Search" button to have the results include comparison to your inventory.

To help with quality comparisons in general, you will also notice that resource boxes will display the calculated quality for the resource when listed in places where quality is being considered. Also some of the options on the home page top resources display have been tuned up to work a little better.


Categories: features
Date: 2013-03-03 14:20:34, 8 years and 157 days ago

Creature Health Waypoints

A small update was just released which will allow you to post waypoints for creature resources. When you are adding a waypoint and you enter the spawn name that is a creature resource, the box where you normally would enter the concentration percent will switch to a drop down list where you can select the health of the creature you harvested at that waypoint. When these waypoints are displayed in a list or on the map, the concentration will be displayed as the harvest adjustment percent that correlates with the health (Fat and Healthy - 100%, Medium - 80%, Scrawny - 60%, Skinny - 40%). Further discussion on how the creature resource zones work can be found here.


Categories: features, waypoints
Date: 2012-12-23 13:36:18, 8 years and 227 days ago

My Resources Tutorial

Just a quick heads up everyone, I've added another tutorial video. This one talks about how to use the Favorites/My Resources feature. Here's the link: Favorites


Categories: news
Date: 2012-09-12 21:59:20, 8 years and 329 days ago


How do you keep track of what ingredients you use to make the different variations of products that you craft? I have pretty much relied on my memory in the past, which is not so great. That is why I was happy to see the feature being released today voted to the top of the suggestions list by Galaxy Harvester members. Starting today, you can build recipes that define a set of resources that are used to fill a schematic. If you're already using the favorites/inventory feature, you'll be ahead of the game for getting started with recipes, becuase your favorite resources are what you can select to build recipes from.

If you haven't already started defining your inventory on Galaxy Harvester, you might want to start by clicking the star on some resources in the resource list you have, or heading over to the My Resources page to set up some inventory. If you've already got some favorites defined you might want to start at the Recipe Home page to start a new recipe or try out the suggestions tool. I hope people will find this to be a useful crafters aide.

With this release, there's also a little something new to acquaint you with the new recipes feature. In addition to providing some information on the help page, there is also a tutorial video available to watch that will show you around. You can watch the tutorial on the help page here.

Other Minor Updates Included in this Release:

  • Schematics will list component ingredients as a link to that component schematic.
  • Schematic resource ingredients will link to resource type.
  • Added shortcuts to Alerts and Inventory in login area at top right of pages.
  • Prevent same user from being able to verify resource on same planet multiple times.
  • Updated the default theme to resemble the in-game Alpha Blue theme.
  • Tweaked Top Resources list calculation to more directly take into account a weighting of how much different stats are used in resources overall.
  • Include unavailable resources in auto-complete add by name feature on Favorites page.
  • Make user names in Waypoint list linky.
  • Fixed favorite indicator not working on schematic pages resource lists.

Over the past couple weeks, I have also been adding more schematic images. The Artisan and Armorsmith professions are complete, and the furniture for architect. If anyone is so inclined, all members are able to add images for schematics that do not have them by going to the schematic page. The new recipe tool uses the schematic images for the lists, so some of these will be blank until more schematic images are uploaded. If you do decide to help out, please follow these guidelines to make the images more consistent:

  • Include only the object and background in the cropped image, not any surrounding borders or text.
  • When you crop the image, make it square.
  • Make sure the cropped image is at least 300x300 pixels.
  • If the schematic uses an image that is the same as another schematic, just link it to the other schematic instead of uploading a new image.


Categories: features, contribute, themes
Date: 2012-07-28 19:16:54, 9 years and 10 days ago