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New Schematics Added

I've manually added a few schematics today to help fill in some of the gaps for doctors and combat medics. They are:

This brings the total number of schematics available to 686. There may be other schematics you would be interested in seeing available. If you are someone who is working on SWG Emu lua scripts for draft schematics and have some those completed scripts available, please let me know and I can use them to import the schematics to my site. Otherwise, please post here with the names of schematics you would like to see here on the site. If enough people want certain ones, I will do my best to get them added.

Categories: data, contribute
Date: 2010-05-28 06:21:28, 10 years and 9 days ago


  1. Dracaris:
    2010-06-02 09:57:40, 10 years and 4 days ago

    I'd like to request the schematics for Enhance Action Medpack D and Small Stimpacks C/D/E.

  2. Garnaal:
    2010-07-24 15:44:05, 9 years and 317 days ago

    Weapon Upgrade Kit Schematic seem to be missing - Nivice WeaponSmith

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