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Harvesting Heroes

Yesterday Falceon reported 49 new resources throughout the day and today Goode is already up to 50 new resources in the last 4 hours! You guys are awesome!

Categories: members, records
Date: 2010-05-25 06:21:30, 10 years and 74 days ago


  1. Fivo:
    2010-06-19 13:00:18, 10 years and 49 days ago

    Entered Qudaj for class 5 liq petro and it used some other template, I think the solid petro, and inserted stats for the slots I could not fill in.

  2. ioscode:
    2010-06-19 16:59:32, 10 years and 49 days ago

    Ok, I got the stats cleaned up. Will have to do some testing to recreate see what else can be done.

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