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Available Planets

The number of SWGEmu based servers continues to expand, and many of those projects continue to add exciting new content to expand on the game we love - even new planets.

You may have noticed references to these new planets on Galaxy Harvester even if the server you play on does not have them. That is because Galaxy Harvester was never designed to represent different galaxies having different available planets. When we went to add the latest planet addition, it seemed a good time to do something about that, as the additions could end up being quite a clutter of unnecessary information for some people. So in addition to adding the planet Mandalore as an available selection today, we have also made the following changes.

  • When adding resources, the available planets to pick from will be based on your currently selected Galaxy.
  • When viewing resource lists, the planet bar will only include planets that are valid for that resources galaxy.
  • On the Waypoint Maps and Survey Tool screens, only planets related to your selected galaxy will be shown.

As always, if you are running an SWGEmu server listed on Galaxy Harvester and have new planets added to your server, email us at the contact address to get those planets associated to your galaxy on the site so players can select them.


Categories: news, fixes
Date: 2016-08-01 17:33:32, 4 years and 4 days ago


  1. kbarton:
    2016-08-01 17:45:15, 4 years and 4 days ago

    All of the planets are missing from your data entry page sir. You may want to look at this given no one will be adding resources until they can see the ones there already

  2. kbarton:
    2016-08-01 17:57:11, 4 years and 4 days ago

    Specifically,the ability to display what is on a planet allows the user to find new resources that aren't yet entered. YOur display no longer allows us to display ALL Flora on Rori, so we cannot see what is there now - and cannot see the new spawn as a result. You need to restore the planet selector above the quick entry screen, allowing RORI, All Flora ...

  3. kbarton:
    2016-08-01 17:59:01, 4 years and 4 days ago

    I will shut up now, the planets are back. Must've been you working on it. Apologies.

  4. ytaga:
    2016-08-02 05:29:32, 4 years and 3 days ago

    awesome idea making the planet selections on a per server basis.will be more helpful as more planets are added.Kudos again sir!

  5. ioscode:
    2016-08-02 14:16:57, 4 years and 3 days ago

    @kbarton Yeah, there might have been a period of instability there as the updates completed. Let me know if there is still any problem you are seeing.

  6. Ascian:
    2016-08-03 03:58:41, 4 years and 2 days ago

    yeah I no longer have a planet selector above the quick entry screen ... I noticed dromund kaas showing up tho ... however I cannot get a list from just one planet and yeah that's a bear for sure

  7. ioscode:
    2016-08-03 08:58:35, 4 years and 2 days ago

    I see, I will work on restoring that to the home page. In the mean time if you go directly to the resource list page you can filter by a specific planet.

  8. Ascian:
    2016-08-03 17:26:56, 4 years and 2 days ago

    Appreciate that ... maybe it's on my end but the link you gave ... I did try the resource list yesterday before I wrote above and I tried your link with the same result ... the list just keeps loading but never loads and the planet selector to the left is inoperable ... I'm running google chrome on Vista PC FYI. On a side note ... I'd really like to take a moment to thank you ... I use GH frequently and really am in love with the setup ... you do a fantastic job and I appreciate that you're still goin strong and upgrading ... I have a single suggestion ... the ability to search for a resource by name would be invaluable ... TY again :)

  9. ioscode:
    2016-08-03 21:00:10, 4 years and 2 days ago

    Thanks for the kind words Ascian, I appreciate it. GH has been a fun project. I made some tweaks and restored the quick search by planet. Hope things are working better now. Best way to find a resource by name is just to go to the url directly. You can click on any resource name, then just change the name up in the URL up in the address bar to the resource name you want. The URL for a resource looks like this as you can see with the name of the resource at the end after the galaxy id number.

  10. Ascian:
    2016-08-04 03:49:12, 4 years and 1 day ago

    awesome ... great job ... and ty for the heads about on the URL that's sweet

  11. kbarton10:
    2016-08-24 16:51:26, 3 years and 346 days ago

    2016-08-21 12:51:14 jawsont Verified Dathomir -
    2016-08-21 12:27:56 ATU Cleanup Corellia -
    2016-08-21 12:26:55 ATU Edit None Previous stats: ,335,43,318,511
    2016-08-21 12:25:31 ATU Planet Add Dathomir previously unavailable
    2016-05-06 01:07:14 default Cleanup
    I am seeing a lot of resources being added back to the site after being despawned for numerous years. Below is the Dath Insect meat entry showing its age and despawn, followed by an edit and restore to the live spawns. I am seeing more and more of these authored by users like acasto and enod. I don't think it's their fault, i think the names of new spawn are matching old spawn names. It has happened to me on Galaxy Harvester twice in the last couple of months, where a name I entered was already in the database of spawn. In each case I am repeating the vowel in the word so that it can be entered as a new spawn. I think you have a problem burgeoning in either the naming code used by SWG - or mispelled entries we've added. I left the Dath Insect alone so you can see the modifications and activations of the old name. THere are more (one I just despawned that was listed as Yavin and 364 days old - added by Enod.

    None -
    2014-12-03 17:37:33 dragon Cleanup None -
    2014-12-03 17:36:22 dragon Planet Add Corellia -
    2014-12-03 17:36:18 dragon Add None -
    Server Best History

  12. kbarton10:
    2016-08-24 16:54:13, 3 years and 346 days ago

    The spawns referred to are HISE and ROWA one is dath insect and one is Yavin Avian. HEre are the sequence for the Yavin avian:

    2016-08-24 16:41:10 kbarton10 Cleanup Yavin IV -
    2016-08-19 18:59:38 kbarton10 Planet Add Yavin IV previously unavailable
    2016-08-17 04:43:44 kbarton10 Cleanup Yavin IV -
    2016-08-16 14:31:36 Acasto Edit None Previous stats: ,440,339,735,849,199,249,749,725
    2016-08-16 14:27:44 Acasto Planet Add Yavin IV previously unavailable
    2016-05-06 01:43:25 default Cleanup None -
    2015-08-31 16:36:54 kbarton10 Cleanup Yavin IV -
    2015-08-31 14:48:45 Enod Planet Add Yavin IV -
    2015-08-31 14:48:43 Enod Add None -
    Server Best History

  13. kbarton10:
    2016-08-24 17:00:12, 3 years and 346 days ago

    as you can see the spawn edits are wildly different than the original entry - suggesting the new spawn is absolutely new, not someone rehashing the old material - or adding it back just for fun. I think it's a duplicate name caused by SWG's naming algorithim.

    Anybody recording all these spawns can't help but notice the resource names are predominantly 3 or 4 characters now. In addition many of the spawn have repeat vowels like "i" and "e" ... they may have changed their naming code and introduced new duplicates as a result of modification.

    Also, if you have an email address it would be a lot easier to tell you about some issues than spamming your comment column.

  14. Ascian:
    2016-09-04 09:10:15, 3 years and 335 days ago

    Hello ... recently started playing on Legends server ... was curious if we could get musty added? ... also had an Idea ... I use the quick add option alot and typing in some of these names is fairly time consuming ... I've noticed when you add a waypoint that once you type in a couple letters it brings up a list you can just click the resource name ... sorta like googles autofill ... is there anyway that can be added to the the quick add box as well? ... thanks again man

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