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R.I.S. Armor Left Bracer
(XP: 836, Complexity: 45)


150Vendusii Crystal Amorphous Gemstone
75Known Solid Petrochem Fuel
65Talusian Fiberplast
50Chromium Aluminum
40Platinite Copper
30Rori Wooly Hide
scale giant dune kimogila

This schematic is an ingredient in the following schematics:


Uncheck to remove from best resources calculation.


  • armoractionencumbrance
  • Malleability: 50%
  • Overall Quality: 50%
  • armorhealthencumbrance
  • Malleability: 50%
  • Overall Quality: 50%
  • armormindencumbrance
  • Malleability: 50%
  • Overall Quality: 50%
  • expquality

  • armoreffectiveness
  • Overall Quality: 50%
  • Shock Resist: 50%
  • expresistance

  • armorintegrity
  • Overall Quality: 50%
  • Unit Toughness: 50%
  • armorspecialeffectiveness
  • Overall Quality: 50%
  • Shock Resist: 50%

Best current resources for this schematic:

Best all time resources for this schematic:

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