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It's a fresh new galaxy again, and it's sure to happen many more times. "TC Nova O.R. 2" is the new active galaxy if you're tracking resources during testing. While Galaxy Harvester is much less utilized in an active testing, blue frog environment, we'll continue to refresh to a new galaxy for each wipe as long as people are using it. And who knows, maybe we'll even get a few new features set up in time for Suncrusher!

Happy Testing!


Categories: galaxies
Date: 2010-10-03 06:21:29, 9 years and 246 days ago


  1. Dracaris:
    2010-10-04 14:53:43, 9 years and 245 days ago

    As the current Resource Deeds make it very easy to acquire resources, but don't allow the player to know what planets they spawn on, is there any way you can add a planet called "Resource Deed" or the like so I can add new stuff more easily without feeling like I'm lying about the planet its on? XD

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