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Really, I want to know. Head on over to the feedback page and submit a suggestion for the site, or vote on ones already there. A few suggestions that we have gotten from people by email so far have already been added. If you have a suggestion, it might be a good idea to browse or search the ones already there to see if someone else already had the same idea.

We want to use this not only as a way to find out what you want to see on the site, but also as a guide to what most people are most interested in. That way we know what features to work on first. But that will only work if you cast your votes!


Categories: feedback
Date: 2010-09-09 18:06:12, 9 years and 341 days ago


  1. ascian:
    2016-11-13 15:44:18, 3 years and 274 days ago

    hiya ... when clicking on the feedbacks page I get a page can't be reached DNS error or something of that sort thought you should know ... GH getting better and better you are awesome

  2. agathu:
    2019-01-26 11:42:46, 1 year and 200 days ago

    /waypoint Naboo 5050 5959 scigoium Phrik Aluminum 87% This waypoint is incorrect. There is non of that resource around it. Also, the waypoint is in a bay. Didn't know where else to leave this1

  3. Sheyrd:
    2020-04-02 11:30:15, 133 days ago

    I was curious if we can clean up List system. The Current system if I select Chemical it still list items in all other categories that are not relevant to the listing searching for.

    And on recipes that are not relevant to the Galaxy server(s).


  4. Kenobu:
    2020-04-08 22:50:28, 127 days ago

    Feedback Page link is dead so going to leave here...

    For any schematic page, the top 3 Server Best resources isn't enough. Have it show the top 5 for each and put a link that will show the top 10 or 20 of each.

  5. Kenobu:
    2020-04-29 14:56:17, 106 days ago


    I'm unable to add resources to my inventory all of a sudden. I get the error message saying Error: Must be logged in to change favorites.

    I am logged in so I shouldn't be getting this message. It was working fine a couple days ago.


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