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Creature Health Waypoints

A small update was just released which will allow you to post waypoints for creature resources. When you are adding a waypoint and you enter the spawn name that is a creature resource, the box where you normally would enter the concentration percent will switch to a drop down list where you can select the health of the creature you harvested at that waypoint. When these waypoints are displayed in a list or on the map, the concentration will be displayed as the harvest adjustment percent that correlates with the health (Fat and Healthy - 100%, Medium - 80%, Scrawny - 60%, Skinny - 40%). Further discussion on how the creature resource zones work can be found here.


Categories: features, waypoints
Date: 2012-12-23 13:36:18, 7 years and 205 days ago


  1. JustSayingIsAll:
    2013-01-07 15:04:10, 7 years and 190 days ago

    Your HTML precludes any of us using your waypoint data entry screen if we have IE8.

    Specifically the planet field is 1 character in size and completely blank. It used to work under IE8 - and then it didn't ...

    No worries, I enter way too much stuff for you already.

  2. thgilsrooc:
    2013-02-13 10:45:23, 7 years and 153 days ago

    could you add fishing/foliage density as well?

  3. ioscode:
    2013-03-21 10:48:48, 7 years and 117 days ago

    Wow, sorry for not responding earlier. The notification for new comments stopped working looks like.

    @JustSayingIsAll - Maybe this problem is resolved now? I test with IE8 and the planet drop down works fine.

    @thgilrooc - Do we even know that the fishing or foraging even has static areas of density? I thought it was more random. Would have to understand the menchanics of this better to do anything with it.

  4. VE_Strange:
    2014-10-23 05:08:10, 5 years and 266 days ago

    Fishing density/vegetation is not static at this point and time in game. It seems to move as the resource shifts, like the rest of the resources.

  5. thgilsrooc:
    2014-10-23 08:21:06, 5 years and 266 days ago

    Yeah I'm aware fishing concentration shifts. I would hope the concentration waypoints would decay when a resource would be marked unavailable.

  6. thgilsrooc:
    2014-10-23 08:28:46, 5 years and 266 days ago

    When I take my ranger out fishing, I try to look for a location where fish density is five stars and foliage concentration at zero stars. This way there are fewer snags to end the fishing session. The concentrations are quite random but are static for the life of the resource, just as high concentrations of the other resources act. So if I opt to spend the entire resource period fishing, generally my character stays in the same spot the entire time.

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