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Update: Resource List Collapsing and More

Rontos, Eopies, and Banthas are likely going extinct as everyone scours Tatooine harvesting this stuff. If you can take a break from harvesting Herbivore meat for a little bit, you might want to check out a couple new features available here today.

  • Added option to collapse top level categories of resources on the Resource List. (Your view must be set to "By Type" to see the arrows on the right side that let you collapse the section.)
  • Added text next to the inner groups on the resource list indicating what resource types within that group are currently unavailable or not reported. This should be handy to easily see what organics need to be surveyed or to quickly see what inorganics are not in spawn right now.
  • Added option when viewing a schematic to exclude a group of qualities when determining the best resources. Just un-check the box next to group title, and the resource lists will refresh.
  • Improved the way the algorithm determines best resources for a profession or crafting group. Resources that did not have all the stats utilized by the group were getting too much weight and being driven to the top.
Till next time!
Categories: features
Date: 2010-06-05 06:21:30, 10 years and 39 days ago


  1. Gunganator:
    2010-06-08 13:20:35, 10 years and 36 days ago

    Could you please remove the zero symbol from the resource that dont have a stat in the field because it really jumbles up to the eye when checking the stats. expecially as the ones in game dont list them with anything. and also the fact there are resources that do actually spawn with the value of zero, which will really get confusing.

    Im sorry but it really was way better when it was just blank. there was nothing for the eye to get drawn to but the stats of the resource.

  2. ioscode:
    2010-06-08 13:55:52, 10 years and 36 days ago

    Thanks for the feedback Gunganator. I had received feedback from someone else that it looked weird blank, but if it makes it harder to read for some people, I definitely don't want that.

    Unless I hear some compelling arguments for something else, I'll switch it back to blank on the next update.

  3. n3cr0:
    2010-06-09 06:57:28, 10 years and 35 days ago

    Maybe I'm missing it, but a way to search / sort by quality would be amazing. For example: If I wanted to find fiberplast (on any planet) that has OQ =] 500. I don't program at all, so if this is a pain, don't worry about it at all, site is a great resource for all us crafters (and hunters!)


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