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Update: Just a few details

If you find anything cool about the updates put in place today, it might be automatic correcting of mistyped resource names. Sometimes when a resource has already been entered, and someone else goes to enter the same resource, they might type it in with 1 character off or so, and it gets listed as a new resource. When entering resources on the Add Resources page, it will now check after you select the type to see if the resource you are entering has a similar name to any other current resources of the same type and prompt you if it finds one. If you click ok when it finds one, it will automatically correct the name and enter the stats if available.

A few other tweaks on this update are:

  • Put in a fix when adding new resources to prevent stats that are not correct for the type selected to get entered
  • Removed ∅ symbol from non-applicable resource stats on the resource list.
  • Fixed ability to edit resource stats from the individual resource page.
  • Added schematic - Mind Disease Delivery Unit - C

Categories: fixes
Date: 2010-06-20 06:21:25, 10 years and 24 days ago


  1. Quantus:
    2010-07-09 14:05:07, 10 years and 5 days ago (Delete comment)

    Would love to see a sort based on stat.
    eg. Pull down selects PE and sorts based on PE rather than resource name or planet.

    Also, if this isn't too technical.. email alerts when XXX resource spawns above XXX OQ or PE or SR etc. Alert settings selectable by the user :)

  2. ioscode:
    2010-07-09 14:40:56, 10 years and 5 days ago (Delete comment)

    I like it, at least sorting by stat is doable. I should be able to get that in soon. The email alerts thing is a bit more work, but I will put on a list of future ideas. Could maybe allow customizable RSS feeds based on the same criteria.

  3. Hitari:
    2010-07-13 14:19:30, 10 years and 1 day ago (Delete comment)

    Don't know if it was ever said it wasn't wanted or wasn't something that you wanted implemented, but would it hurt to have a /waypoint on the resources sorted low to high by % of penetration? Just an idea

  4. ioscode:
    2010-07-14 23:55:05, 10 years ago (Delete comment)

    That idea has been discussed quite a bit Hitari. We'll see, there could be some kind of variation of it tried at some point in the future.

  5. John:
    2010-07-24 12:39:33, 9 years and 355 days ago (Delete comment)

    I'm new to this forum and I'd like to introduce myself by complimenting the owner on this website. (Would that be you, ioscode?) It's terrific and I can't wait to be a contributor.

    I'd like to comment, if I may, on Hitari's idea about listing waypoints for high concentrations of resources (and this is not directed at you Hitari since I don't know you): It's bad, it's unfair, it penalizes all of the hardworking surveyors and rewards those who simply want to cash in and mooch off the time and effort of others.

    As professional surveyors, this information is our stock in trade. We spend hours upon hours scouring planets for good spots to plunk down our harvesters. Any idiot can put down a harvester -- it's the finding of a good spot that is difficult and time consuming. As such, I strongly object to simply giving away my "goods", which is to say, our information.

    The day I can walk into any weapon or armor shop and pull whatever wares I want off the wall and walk out without paying, that's the day giving away our information will be fair. Until then, moochers should stop being lazy and go out and find their own resource locations -- just like I do.

    So please do not expect that while you are chit-chatting with friends at the cantina, or grinding your way to a profession I will never have the time to earn, or running around having PVP fun, that I will be out in the fields, by myself, doing your work for you.

    It's bad enough I have to suffer the welfare state in real life, please let's not let it invade our only refuge.

  6. ioscode:
    2010-07-24 14:48:33, 9 years and 355 days ago (Delete comment)

    Hi John, welcome to Galaxy Harvester. Glad you're liking the site, It is a fun project to work on, and I've enjoyed building it.

    I hear where you're coming from. I'm going to quote a post I made recently in the SWGEmu forums which kind of sums up my thoughts on this topic.


    "I've thought about the subject of waypoints a lot.

    First we have to consider that there are two different game scenarios. The one we are in now where most resource harvesting is done with afk samplers and real estate is not an issue, and the future scenario where everyone is competing for space to put BER 13 harvesters on.

    In our current situation, waypoints to concentrations is not very valuable information. In most cases, I can track down a decent concentration of a resource in little more time than it would take to travel to a waypoint I already had, and don't have to worry that the place I hit is a. un-buildable due to terrain or zoning, or b. already full of harvesters. This is the reason why we have threads in Nova Test Center Discussion where you can find waypoints to any good resource that spawns.

    When we start playing with heavy harvesters, things are going to change. Waypoints to good resources will become more valuable, and the public waypoint sharing will likely die out. Maybe I'm wrong, I guess we will see. At that point, it doesn't matter what kind of venue people have to share waypoints in, because it won't be used.

    This brings me to the original idea I had. If waypoints are valuable, the only way they might be shared is if there was some venue which people could provide waypoints and get compensated for it. Remember that in a fully featured SWG server economy, resource harvesting/selling is practically a profession within itself, and many people wished for it to actually be one. If there way a market where resource concentration locators could offer waypoints as information in exchange for some amount of in game credits, this might provide more depth to that part of the game.

    It would be no easy task to create something like this, but I have some thoughts about the details that might make it doable. It would be an experiment for sure though, there are a lot of potential pitfalls. Worst case scenario, I would waste a lot of time building something that in the end proved unusable. I haven't decided if I would attempt it or not, but in any case, it's not something I would bother releasing in the current environment, because it has no value until heavy harvesters are in.

    In a more general sense, I think everyone who has an opinion on this subject should just keep in mind that attempting to block people's ability to share information is a futile exercise. People will find a way to do anything if they want it bad enough. If there is a need to share information though, maybe we can at least build something cool out of it that enhances the game."

    Wherever the future takes us, I plan to keep the interests of those who put time and effort into surveying at the fore front.

  7. John:
    2010-07-24 16:46:00, 9 years and 355 days ago (Delete comment)

    Hmm, it looks like its time to put the welfare state to work for ME, for a change.

    I propose a 5,000 credit per week tax to be imposed on everyone on the server and paid to ME in exchange for resource waypoints. I will also require clone insurance with no copay, prescription buff coverage, a taxpayer provided speeder, free shuttle tickets and a defined benefit retirement plan that kicks in after 6 months of play.

    Oh, and my union negotiated contract says I can never be fired, for any reason.

    ioscode, please expect a representative of my lobbying firm to drop by with a generous campaign contribution some time this week.

    But seriously, the free waypoint contingent has got to be kidding. I was at launch, lo those many years ago, and had to RUN everywhere I went as I surveyed for three months. Then they added mounts and a month or two after that, speeders.

    But even then, if you wanted to speeder survey you had to stop the craft, get out and then survey. Get back in and head off. Rinse and repeat 5 hours a night.

    But on Nova, you can survey without even stopping the bloody speeder! Here I am zooming across the landscape at full tilt, just mashing the survey button. No stopping, no monkeying with the vehicle, nothing.

    How much easier would people like it to be? Shall I stand next to their harvesters and feed it with quarters to keep the meter running, then send them an email when the hopper is full? Maybe I could just stand in front of the starport and give away all of the resources I collect, like some kind of Galactic Mother Theresa? lol

    Oh how I wish they had implemented Miner...

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