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Survey Droid Feature and Admin Tools

The main new feature coming to you today is the Interplanetary Survey Droid interface. You can now upload your saved survey droid mails to Galaxy Harvester and automatically update resources for that planet. Also, if you play on a server like Rogue One where the Survey Droid report has been enhanced to include stats, Galaxy Harvester will pick up the resource stats as well! The primary page to use this interface is on the Survey List page. If you upload a report there, all resources in the report will be either added or verified, and any resources of the class that are not in the report will be removed from the planet. There is also a tool on the Add Resources page. If you load a survey droid report there, all spawns listed in the report will be loaded onto the page for you to review and submit. No removal is done.

There are also a few other updates of note. To make it simpler for server admins to request their server be added to galaxy harvester and manage it thereafter, a new Galaxy Admin page is added. New server admins launching public servers can go to the Galaxy Admin page to submit them now.

Also for players on NGE based servers, the schematics tools have been adjusted so that Pre-CU Professions and schematics are no longer listed.


Categories: features, fixes
Date: 2018-01-28 21:28:19, 292 days ago


  1. jawsont:
    2018-01-29 14:20:52, 291 days ago

    keep up the good work.

  2. Ahti:
    2018-01-29 16:22:34, 291 days ago

    great add with the survey droid stuff, but the schematics page is all messed up now.

  3. ioscode:
    2018-01-30 11:38:30, 290 days ago

    @Ahti can you elaborate?

  4. Mopi:
    2018-02-06 18:46:28, 283 days ago

    I just added my survey droids mail.. and it removed like 10 resources.. i had to go and re add them? did i do something wrong?

  5. Sokia:
    2018-02-09 01:10:59, 280 days ago

    I've just noticed that jedi is no longer listed as a favourite profession for basilisk alerts, is this intended?

  6. ioscode:
    2018-02-09 15:37:07, 280 days ago

    @Mopi if resources were removed that should not have been, it's possible that some error occurred when processing the report file you uploaded. I put a check in for now to prevent any cleanup from happening if any errors occur. If you could send me the report file you uploaded that caused the problem to the support email, I can look into it.

  7. ioscode:
    2018-02-09 15:39:18, 280 days ago

    @Sokia No, that is not intended, thanks for the heads up, I'll get it corrected ASAP.

  8. jawsont:
    2018-02-17 06:04:28, 272 days ago

    Ugh - so problem with the survey droids. When some moron chooses the wrong galaxy another one gets spammed with dozens of entries that need to be cleaned up. I've spent 20 min. cleaning up basilisk's database from some idiot from Awakenings who didn't choose the right universe. Not sure if the mass-entry from a survey droid is a good thing....

  9. jawsont:
    2018-02-17 06:18:45, 272 days ago

    So yeah. 30 min. to fix what I assume to be a survey-droid's spam into the wrong galaxy. Not sure of the fix on this. Maybe a popup that say "ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT GALAXY?!!". And people who xpost rarely fix their mistakes in my experience. Additionally, after fixing those (60? 70?) entires and moving them to the Lost/Found galaxy for deletion, the original submitter suffered no reputation loss which, if I recall correctly, was supposed to prevent them from submitting again for a "cooldown period".

    Another solution, maybe even easier, is just don't make basilisk the default galaxy. Maybe make TrashCan galaxy the default?

  10. PrincessKelly:
    2018-02-17 12:41:19, 272 days ago

    Many times when submitting a mail I get an error saying "something is broken" but when I check my profile that planets resource changes have gone through.

  11. ioscode:
    2018-02-18 20:31:43, 271 days ago

    @jawsont I added a confirmation that says what galaxy they are about to submit a report for. Hopefully that will help catch this. Not sure why the rep system didn't kick in for that, will investigate.

  12. ioscode:
    2018-02-18 20:34:24, 271 days ago

    @PrincessKelly That is strange, I would need to check some logs soon after it happens to get a clue what could be causing it. If you could send an email to the support address next time it happens including the approximate time you experienced the error that would help.

  13. jawsont:
    2018-02-19 04:24:53, 270 days ago

    Thks dude.

  14. Mopi:
    2018-02-20 11:03:01, 269 days ago

    Survey resource droid did itt again... So i used one to survey chem on Tat... it added some resources , specific to another planet to tat. i had to go back through and clean up.. maybe the droids aren't worth it.

  15. LtBeefy:
    2018-03-09 11:38:06, 252 days ago

    Yea survey droid update is nice but some problems with it. At times it will list a resource as the wrong resource. An example ive seen multiple times is with Liquid Petro chem. A class 1 liquid petro will get listed as a Class 7 liquid petro. And thus unless if someone catches it and changes it will be misrepresented as a class 7 when it really is a class 1.

  16. jawsont:
    2018-06-28 21:03:31, 141 days ago

    Hi dude. 6/28/2018 and for some reason the resource filters you included based on your selection of galaxy isn't working. For example, on basilisk we see Hoth resources available in the dropdown (which aren't on this server).

  17. jawsont:
    2018-06-30 05:00:56, 139 days ago

    Further to that - I've noticed a dramatic slowdown in the site over the last few days. I wonder if they're not combined? Loading all planetary options for all universes probably takes a toll on load-times.

  18. Sokia:
    2018-08-07 10:46:01, 101 days ago

    Site is very slow, i just got a web notification and email for a rice that spawned 8 days ago

  19. Starbane:
    2018-08-12 13:22:56, 96 days ago

    When I upload my mails from creature resource interplanetary survey droid reports, all of the planet's flora resources are removed. I will send you the reports I uploaded. Is this a known issue? (This is for SWG Rehab which has creature surveying tools)

  20. Scott Hamlin:
    2018-08-13 11:55:06, 95 days ago

    Is there a format for uploading via spreadsheet?

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