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The Schematics Motherload

Today, not only have the number of schematics available to view here more than doubled to 1,366 - the tools for finding them has been refined a bit. If you head over to the schematics page, you can try out the new Schematic Finder which now lets you choose either a resource group or specific resource type and find schematics that call for it. Just to be helpful, the tool will also bring up related schematics in a list next to the primary ones. The related schematics will be either schematics that call for a specific type under the group you picked, or ones that call for the generic group or any type under it for the type you picked. If that is as clear as mud, give it a try and it should be a bit more clear.

There's also a few smaller changes of note live now:

  • A new resource type page will be shown when you click the name of a resource type or group somewhere in the site. Instead of just displaying recent spawns of the type, it will also provide the best spawns of it, and a list of schematics that use it. Here is an example: Intrusive Ore.
  • Internet Explorer users should be able to see the View controls at the top of the Resource List page now.
  • Internet Explorer users should be able to stay logged in and have other cookies persist after closing your browser instead of your preferences being lost every visit.


Categories: features, schematics
Date: 2010-08-01 06:21:26, 9 years and 350 days ago


  1. Ascian:
    2016-09-08 16:38:28, 3 years and 310 days ago

    Hiya ioscode me again :) ... truely appreciate ya adding musty to the Legends server it has made a huge difference thank you ... a couple things were brought to my attention cause I've been tryin to get more people to use this site ... one is Geo Energy ... many here use it but it's not available on GH ... the other (which you may have no control over) is that this an NGE server and the schematics used are different ... doc buffs are not crafted here at all it's a whole different monster ... is it even possible to have the schematics reflect NGE?

  2. Iren:
    2016-10-09 13:42:34, 3 years and 279 days ago

    Ascians right, you can strike combat medic off the list too
    I'm not sure if its a huge job for you, but there are quite a few differences
    good work on GH btw :)

  3. ioscode:
    2016-11-13 14:10:07, 3 years and 244 days ago

    Hi Ascian and Iren, regarding the NGE schematics, the way that would look is we would need to do some work to add a preference to Galaxy Harvester where you can switch to NGE mode or something, a significant amount of work but doable. It looks like someone has added a suggesting for it on the Feedback page so I would suggest going there and voting for it if you would like to see this implemented.

  4. kronus:
    2016-11-18 13:52:05, 3 years and 239 days ago

    Hey, wasn't sure where to report this but the schm for starshine surprise doesn't have the correct resources needed. It requires Cereal and fruit, listed currently is cereal and reactive gas.

  5. ascian:
    2016-11-30 12:46:37, 3 years and 227 days ago

    Hiya ioscode ... wanted to touch base with you again on a couple things ... I tried the "Feedbacks" link provided and was given an error as following ... This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

    so I was never able to see any suggestions or vote ... after I've been doing this awhile now it has struck just how unusable schematics are for the Legends server ... I am having to relearn everything and not rely at all on the Server Best list cause it is so different than what is needed for crafting that I ended up getting alot of resources that in the end I could not use for what I needed ... that's on me of course not you but I would like to point out the importance of it in hopes that something can be done, not a complaint, you guys work hard at this so I don't wish to throw a negative in the mix but it would truely do a great service to the site if this existed. Last but not least ... Geo-Thermal Energy is most definately a valid and needed resource on our server used by many ... would love to see this added to the list so we can incorporate it into the mix for everyone to find ... I've been adding it in our discord when I can but that's a chat room and get's lost fast ... those two things and we are golden. TY again for all your hard work :)

  6. ioscode:
    2016-12-02 18:56:41, 3 years and 225 days ago

    @ascian Where are you getting that link for Feedback? That is a very old link from back when the site was on a different domain. If you use the suggestions link at the bottom of any page on GH it should take you to the right place.

  7. ioscode:
    2016-12-02 19:01:18, 3 years and 225 days ago

    @kronus Are you looking on an NGE server? As far as I can see it is Cereal and Reactive Gas for Pre-CU and that is the only version of schematics we have on Galaxy Harvester so far.

  8. ioscode:
    2016-12-02 19:35:48, 3 years and 225 days ago

    Geo-Thermal should be enterable now.

  9. Eyevi:
    2016-12-03 23:40:56, 3 years and 224 days ago

    If NGE schematics are too much work, could we have a manual adding recipies options?

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