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Being a community driven site, we sometimes have issues with data in Galaxy Harvester. The reputation system is intended to help manage that in an automatic way, so that if someone gets enough negative reputation hits in a certain galaxy the system will limit their access to the resources in that galaxy. Unfortunately the system around that wasn't very developed and people have been running into issues where the reputation system is missing some problems and even restricting people when it should not. So we're going to start enhancing that system a bit to help with this.

This update is the first wave of enhancement to the reputation system. I expect at least one more update to follow with more tweaks and possibly an achievements based addition that will not only enhance reputation but also be a help to new users in general. Here is the initial changes that you will start seeing with today's update.

  • Additional check for detecting resources added to the wrong galaxy.
  • Reputation award for contributions after resources have despawned added.
  • Home page alerts provided when reputation changes.
  • Added cooldown period for posting after reputation drop to reduce new accidental wrong entries.


Categories: features
Date: 2016-11-13 14:02:40, 3 years and 236 days ago


  1. kbarton10:
    2016-11-15 03:37:40, 3 years and 234 days ago

    I think you have added a feature that no one wants, has little value other than ensuring no one can enter resources into your tracker, and is largely useless.

  2. Rickyl:
    2016-11-15 07:41:55, 3 years and 234 days ago

    I am blocked from adding? I added a lot yesterday. Why would my rep go down and get me blocked?

  3. jawsont:
    2016-11-16 16:41:37, 3 years and 233 days ago

    I disagree kbarton, there has been a slew of incorrect entries in the past month on Basilisk including a bunch of resource deletions because somebody was on the wrong server. I think it's an attempt to try to ensure somebody with negative reputation can't flood the site with mistakes without some cooloff period or something to that effect.
    @Rickyl the only reason you should have decreased reputation is if somebody marked your entries from your universe as being incorrect (that's just a guess). If that's incorrect, then ioscode has some tweaking to do :)

  4. jawsont:
    2016-11-19 05:28:37, 3 years and 230 days ago

    @Rickyl ioscode disabled the negative rep blocking. I had it happen too, where somebody added a resource I submitted to the wrong planet and even though the mistake wasn't mine, when they removed the planet I lost reputation and was blocked.

  5. ioscode:
    2016-11-20 09:24:00, 3 years and 229 days ago

    Apologies to everyone who got wrongly blocked by this, there was a bug in it. As jawsont stated, the problem code is disabled for now.

  6. theonlyfox:
    2016-11-28 17:27:17, 3 years and 221 days ago

    I'm not sure this is helping... at least on Basilik. We now have resources that are being added that are not in our galaxy, or erroneously added to planets where they do not belong, and no unable to remove despawned resources. Right now it is a mess and there are not enough active users with rep to fix the issues.

  7. jawsont:
    2016-11-28 17:31:56, 3 years and 221 days ago

    @theonlyfox you were adding 30 resources to basilisk. They weren't in our universe.

  8. jawsont:
    2016-11-28 17:38:45, 3 years and 221 days ago

    Case in point friend,
    is something you submitted as being a Basilisk copper. But it has never existed on basilisk. Ever.

  9. Mahal:
    2016-11-28 17:39:22, 3 years and 221 days ago

    Fox, you got people going all over for mats that dont exist, wth.

  10. theonlyfox:
    2016-11-28 17:53:23, 3 years and 221 days ago

    Because I'm an idiot. I'm on Bloodfin. But thought it was Basalisk and have for 2 months. That would explain why the hell I can never find anything. Now i can't get Bloodfin to stick in my profile.

  11. jawsont:
    2016-11-28 17:55:14, 3 years and 221 days ago

    To err is human. :)

  12. Mahal:
    2016-11-28 17:55:15, 3 years and 221 days ago

    Well if it makes you feel any better, were have a good laugh at/with you in Bas Genchat :)

  13. theonlyfox:
    2016-11-28 17:58:55, 3 years and 221 days ago

    Yeah, drinks are on me. Looks like I have added some 60 resources to Bas... so at a $1 per res I guess I'll have to make a $60 donation to GH to make up for my err apparent and lapse of mental acuity.

  14. Mahal:
    2016-12-16 03:31:54, 3 years and 203 days ago

    How do we edit a wp that we entered or delete one?

  15. kbarton10:
    2017-02-20 07:10:00, 3 years and 137 days ago

    You have a flaw in your logic for reputation. If a dimwit adds a long expired resource back into the lineup (despite the fact it spawned two years ago), then the person that recorded the despawn (two years ago) is decremented one reputation point ... for saying a resource that is in spawn is not. All becsuse the dimwit figured he would add Tatooian Wild Meat (from two years ago) into spawn in Dantooine. You have to add the age limit for the reputation hit. If the mat despawns in 11 days, then anyone adding it back a year later should get dinged for being a putz.

  16. jawsont:
    2017-02-20 07:38:02, 3 years and 137 days ago

    @ Barton, good point. Further to the point, sometimes there is a resource in spawn that we find already exists in GH. It's not that this resource is invalid, it's just that some bonehead put it in the wrong name/galaxy long ago. I think specifically of the rash of incorrect entries over the past 6 months where people don't change their default galaxy and submit to Bas. Most often they ALSO then submit it to their galaxy, leaving us with a false entry to Bas that we can't correct by pushing it to their galaxy. The original (wrong) submitter has already been docked a reputation point for the invalid entry and the person marking it unavailable (fixing it) would have gotten a rep point. However, if we used that name later on because it was a real spawn on Bas.then the person marking it unavailable would also be dinged for rep. and the original submitter maybe given a point? (not sure about that).

    One solution going forward for people who knew what they were doing could be that they can delete incorrect entries to the database to help clean up problems like this. To avoid mistakes (incorrect deletions) - maybe we can have a flag marking a resource as invalid and if (2? or 3?) users agree in a short period of time then it gets deleted from the dbase.

  17. ioscode:
    2017-03-05 12:52:59, 3 years and 124 days ago

    @kbarton10 and @jawsont - Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I have put in place the age limit like you suggested to help reduce erroneous reputation hits. Regarding having a way to delete resources that were put in wrong galaxy, I have an idea around that, but will take a bit longer to implement.

  18. jawsont:
    2017-03-05 13:26:46, 3 years and 124 days ago

    Thks. Keep up the good work.

  19. Aadye:
    2017-03-10 22:19:44, 3 years and 119 days ago

    Has something recently happened. Have been posting for since we have been open and as of today I am unable to retire any old resources. I have put in the new ones and said yes when the box pops up to remove the old. I am told that I do not have enough reputation. I am the only one on my server for the most part that updates GH.
    Please help

  20. jawsont:
    2017-03-11 04:08:10, 3 years and 118 days ago

    I can't mark resources as despawned as well. It says I need reputation for it. :/

  21. jawsont:
    2017-03-11 04:28:09, 3 years and 118 days ago

    On the plus side, at least I can add. And if your automatic despawn script cleans them up, at least they'll ultimately be wiped from the planets. :)

  22. jawsont:
    2017-03-11 04:42:41, 3 years and 118 days ago

    So I tried verifying resources etc... to get the minimum reputation for removing resources to see if maybe the counter just got wiped and it was counting "removal reputation" from scratch. It's a no-go, that wasn't it - so it seems like it's just not querying reputation properly for resource removal at all.

  23. Parts:
    2017-03-11 08:25:33, 3 years and 118 days ago

    I am also seeing the same issue with not being able to remove despawned resources on the active server. Same issue popping up with not enough reputation to remove resources. Thanks, Parts

  24. Dofey:
    2017-03-11 13:19:09, 3 years and 118 days ago

    i can still add resources, but can no longer mark them as unavailable. I get the message saying that Error : you must earn a little reputation on the site before you can remove resources. Try adding or verifying some first.
    However i was able to mark it as unavailable just fine 15 minutes before i got that message. And i have the ability unlocked if i look in my profile. I tried clearing cache. but it doesn't work, i still can't make anything unavailable. Can anybody think of something else i can do?

  25. Dofey:
    2017-03-11 13:56:49, 3 years and 118 days ago

    It works again for me. hopefully it'll stay that way :) or other people are going to go bonkers with me asking them to make resources unavailable.

  26. Dofey:
    2017-03-11 15:41:54, 3 years and 118 days ago

    and it's back to not working... i'll just wait :(

  27. ioscode:
    2017-03-13 08:38:53, 3 years and 116 days ago

    Hey, sorry everyone, yeah it seems there is some intermittent issue with the reputation check on resource removal. Still trying to track down where it is though. Haven't been able to recreate it yet. If anyone has any info about a repeatable method for getting the problem, or way to work around it, please send that info to the support email.

  28. ioscode:
    2017-03-13 13:52:15, 3 years and 116 days ago

    Pretty sure I found the culprit and resolved this inability to remove resources problem. Please post again if it is not resolved for anyone.

  29. Dofey:
    2017-03-14 13:27:32, 3 years and 115 days ago

    it works for me :) thanks !

  30. kbarton:
    2017-03-18 06:53:06, 3 years and 111 days ago

    The comment field for waypoints has now been truncated to about 40 characters, that's not enough to convey meaningful data to your readership. As this happened recently I'll assume it is a bad emulation of twitter, and will therefore offer nothing but snark to my waypoints.

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