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Galaxy Harvester Moved

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back, and sorry we were away for a while. We should be here at for a while now!

We're running in a new environment which required some adjusting, so I did some testing and fixed some things that needed fixing, but if you find anything amiss, please report it here, or to

As always, thanks for updating the site, and happy hunting!


Categories: news
Date: 2011-01-26 06:21:24, 9 years and 130 days ago


  1. Xotan:
    2011-07-22 22:21:10, 8 years and 318 days ago

    I was trying to export csv file to crossrefence current resources and export and everything in there seems to be old from 2010 is this a freature thats not working. Im just going off dates

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