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Mobile Apps Are Here

As of today, you should be able to find the new Galaxy Harvester mobile app in stores!

It is being published on four platforms; Android, Apple (iOS), Windows Phone, and Amazon. For more information on this app, see the previous post, or the new mobile apps page.



Categories: news, mobile
Date: 2016-03-22 20:28:07, 4 years and 68 days ago


  1. Nick Will:
    2016-03-22 22:32:21, 4 years and 68 days ago (Delete comment)

    I just bought and downloaded the app. Im not sure if im taking bad pictuees or not showing the correct windows, but my Samsung galaxy s3 camera isnt getting any details. Can we get a picture guide on what we should be photographing. APP looks nice for the most part. But i bought for the camera input.


  2. ioscode:
    2016-03-22 22:48:55, 4 years and 68 days ago (Delete comment)

    Hi Nick, if you can send an example of the image you are taking to the support address I can take a look and let you know what might be the issue. That is a good idea on the picture guide. There is tips and information that comes up in the app when you launch first time, but a visual guide somewhere would be good. Also keep in mind that it is just an assist - OCR on the tight text in SWG is never perfect and not all data will be detected perfectly.

  3. Brandy:
    2016-03-24 06:56:17, 4 years and 66 days ago (Delete comment)

    Not sure if I am doing it wrong but I can not get any info to come up on the app. If I click on a resources it errors, if I try to look up a specific resource it errors. All I can do is look at my resources I have pinned.....

  4. Brandy:
    2016-03-24 06:57:46, 4 years and 66 days ago (Delete comment)

    Seems to be working now, apparently I had to close app and re-open! Nice to have this readily available!

  5. airfluff:
    2016-03-25 12:38:32, 4 years and 65 days ago (Delete comment)

    Can't log in. The app crash and do not respond :( I'm using a Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1

  6. ioscode:
    2016-03-25 21:21:49, 4 years and 65 days ago (Delete comment)

    Hi, if you are having issues, please send an email to the support line galaxyharvester at gmail dot com so we can gather details and figure it out.

  7. Ro'fl:
    2016-03-28 13:13:40, 4 years and 62 days ago (Delete comment)

    Hi, I just sent you an email but I thought I would post here to see if anyone else is having this issue. I am on an iPhone 5S and when I try to 'configure alerts' the app crashes back to the home screen. I updated to iOS 9.3 and still no luck. Thanks!

  8. ioscode:
    2016-04-02 09:42:14, 4 years and 57 days ago (Delete comment)

    IOS issue reported by Ro'fl is resolved in the recently released version 1.4.

  9. pondskipper:
    2016-04-09 10:36:16, 4 years and 50 days ago (Delete comment)

    Does this app allow me to take pictures of a resource and then auto input the info/stats on the resource harvester site.. As no more typing each stat?

  10. pondskipper:
    2016-04-09 10:36:21, 4 years and 50 days ago (Delete comment)

    Does this app allow me to take pictures of a resource and then auto input the info/stats on the resource harvester site.. As no more typing each stat?

  11. ioscode:
    2016-04-09 10:44:31, 4 years and 50 days ago (Delete comment)

    Yes, that is the idea behind the OCR assist feature, but it is not perfect. Do no not expect all data to be automatically detected - the fonts in SWG are very closely spaced and difficult for character recognition engines. Also, if there are any limitations on the quality of the images you get, it may not detect anything at all. Tips are provided the first time you launch the tool to help guide you. I don't recommend buying the app for just this feature as it will not work out for everyone.

  12. Neil:
    2016-04-26 02:39:12, 4 years and 33 days ago (Delete comment)

    When I want to set resource alert , app crash , any idea ? iPhone6 and iPad same crash

  13. ioscode:
    2016-04-27 19:51:07, 4 years and 32 days ago (Delete comment)

    Hi Neil, that sounds like an issue we resolved last month, but maybe you are running into something slightly different. Please shoot us an email at galaxyharvester at gmail so we can gather info and troubleshoot.

  14. Spaz:
    2016-06-28 13:48:48, 3 years and 335 days ago (Delete comment)

    I'd really like to see schemes and why SB mats are for them, is this planned for the future?

  15. Jowo:
    2016-07-12 01:49:22, 3 years and 321 days ago (Delete comment)

    Hi, just tried out the app.
    It automatically is translated to German.
    Can I set this to English?
    I can also offer help for the German translation.

  16. ioscode:
    2016-07-28 10:56:15, 3 years and 305 days ago (Delete comment)

    @spaz - Some kind of schematic functionality would a natural next step, but we will see.

  17. ioscode:
    2016-07-28 10:58:44, 3 years and 305 days ago (Delete comment)

    @jowo - If a translation exists that matches the locale set in your phone settings, the app will use that, so the only way to set it to english would be for your phone to be set to english. I realize the German translation is probably low quality and I would welcome any contributions. Please send an email to galaxyharvester at gmail dot com if you would like to contribute and I can send you the list of strings that need translation.

  18. Mathew Webster:
    2016-11-18 00:12:21, 3 years and 192 days ago (Delete comment)

    Crashes on load since ios10

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