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Feedback Migration

Just a heads up, the feedback page where you enter and vote on site suggestions is going to be unavailable for a little bit. The Google Moderator service we have been using for it is shutting down soon. Suggestions and voting will be closed while the existing data is moved. I'll post an update when this process is complete and the page is available again.


Categories: news
Date: 2015-06-06 11:06:15, 4 years and 309 days ago


  1. Loratus:
    2015-06-26 12:37:59, 4 years and 289 days ago

    Sounds great. So will you begin working on the top-rated suggestions anytime soon? Looks like the export file with planet data is currently #1. :)

    Hopefully that specific request doesn't take a lot of work and time to do.

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