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More Feedback Features and Export Planets

You should now be able to add new suggestions and comment on existing ones on the feedback page. You must be logged in to do so.

Getting the addition of planet information to the exports file recently rose to the top of the popular suggestions. As of the next export, planet information will be included in the xml and csv export files.

Happy integrating,


Categories: features, integration
Date: 2015-06-28 10:32:27, 5 years and 48 days ago


  1. Mike:
    2015-10-13 12:04:35, 4 years and 306 days ago

    Just wondering if you knew that swgreborn is using the stolen leaked SOE sourc code? They are jeperdizing every other legitimate EMU project by doing so.

  2. ioscode:
    2015-10-13 12:46:47, 4 years and 306 days ago

    No, didn't know anything about it really. Some player just asked if we would have SWG Reborn on Galaxy Harvester and I just added it assuming it was another of the many Pre-CU EMU server. Everything on Galaxy Harvester is based on Pre-CU environment, so I'm not sure why the players of an NGE server would even have much use for Galaxy Harvester.

  3. Mike:
    2016-01-18 06:25:19, 4 years and 209 days ago

    Do you have the CSV that contains all resources on Bloodfin from the Second wipe or around 260~ days ago. Had an issue where I lost all my resources and I am attempting to jar the memory of what I all had.

  4. netyoda:
    2017-06-02 12:56:10, 3 years and 73 days ago

    Could I ask how often the export file is created please?

  5. ioscode:
    2017-07-15 12:12:51, 3 years and 30 days ago

    Export files are generated daily

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