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Custom Schematics and Creatures

The variety of SWG play servers and custom content on them continually expands. Some servers add new professions and/or new schematics, and some servers are running NGE professions which have some new schematics that were part of NGE. Until now, there was really no way to take advantage of the schematic based tools on Galaxy Harvester for these custom schematics. With today's update comes the ability to create custom schematics that show up in Galaxy Harvester just for a particular server/galaxy. Assuming the schematic is entered correctly, it will then be available to all users viewing that galaxy on Galaxy Harvester to base recipes on, and get server best alerts on. For more information on this feature, visit the help page section on it.

If any servers have custom schematics related to the existing base SWG professions, those can be added with no custom setup. However if a server has custom professions, or NGE professions, we need to do some setup in the background to make those profession selections available for adding schematics to for that server. I encourage server admins to send us a note at the contact address link at the bottom of the page with any custom professions that need to be added here. There are two servers where we have already gotten requests for this feature on though, and they have already had their professions added on Galaxy Harvester:

  • Rogue One Server: Custom professions (Antique Dealer, Elite Arsenalist, Elite Blacksmith, Mechanic, Miner, Jedi Knight/Journeyman)
  • SWG Legends Server: NGE Trader professions

We have another update as well related to custom play server content. You can now add custom creature data to the resource type pages of creature resources. You can also enter base harvest yield and mission level of the creature to help other players decide what creatures to hunt. Just browse to the resource type page of the resource type that the creature drops and click the Add Creature button.

Keep in mind that in order to help ensure knowledgeable players are entering this data, you must have unlocked the ability to use the custom schematic and custom creature data entry features. So, if you are logged into Galaxy Harvester and don't see the Add Schematic or Add Creature buttons yet, I encourage you to keep contributing to the site by posting resource data to build your reputation until you unlock these abilities.

Other release notes:

  • Added list of unlocked abilities to user profile page.
  • Added notifications for users when new abilities are unlocked.
  • Fix bug in resource find list "Next 20" button not returning more results.
    • -ioscode

Categories: features, fixes
Date: 2017-03-04 17:11:17, 3 years and 125 days ago


  1. LtBeefy:
    2017-03-06 09:38:12, 3 years and 123 days ago

    I love the schematic add ability as it will allow us to create schematics that use NGE stuff that isnt here.

    Only problem is I cant seem to find how to give the details of the resources. What stats are important and what they affect.

  2. LtBeefy:
    2017-03-06 09:51:25, 3 years and 123 days ago

    Main problem is you cant customize the what the stats split is. I can only choose from a pre-defined drop down list of stat splits

  3. LtBeefy:
    2017-03-06 10:24:54, 3 years and 123 days ago

    Oh yea, is there a function to keep schematics just for certain server? As GH already has a lot of schematics, but most of them are Pre-NGE ones that servers like Legends doesnt need or NGE has the same schematic but has a different resource split on what stats matter.

  4. ioscode:
    2017-03-06 11:19:41, 3 years and 123 days ago

    Hi LtBeefy, my intention was to have all possible stat percentage splits available in the drop down. You may have to change the stats in the drop down after you add it. Let me know exactly what splits are missing if any.

    When you add new schematics, they will only show up for the selected server, but there is not a way to hide the base pre-cu schematics for specific servers at this time. Would have to consider that for a future update.

  5. LtBeefy:
    2017-03-06 11:24:54, 3 years and 123 days ago

    So far in my adding I know a 80% 20% split is missing. I know that it is possible to change the stats of a split, but the % cant be changed. As for other % that are missing I will have to do further checks.

    Also, when will schematics show up to be able to be added to other schematics as components? I was trying to do that for the Enzyme extractor but the schematics for the subs I created havent shown up. I am assuming it either hasnt been added or needs time for a update.

    Also, many thanks for adding this. I love it!

  6. ioscode:
    2017-03-06 14:57:32, 3 years and 123 days ago

    Ok, thanks I'll get an 80/20 added soon. When creating schematics that are useable as components in other schematics, I suggest using the copy from other schematic method as a starting point. Choose any other schematic that is also a component from the same crafting tab section if possible. There is some other background data that defines schematics as a component. This information is very cryptic and doesn't lend itself well to manual entry. I might be able to add some kind of option for it on the manual entry method at some point.

  7. LtBeefy:
    2017-03-06 18:00:04, 3 years and 123 days ago

    I went back and did as you said. I used a component that was already there as base schematic and it did show up in component section. However, when I add it and click save it reverts to copper instead of the component I have selected.

    This is the finished schematic I am working on

    This is 1 of the components that go into it

  8. ioscode:
    2017-03-09 16:11:00, 3 years and 120 days ago

    Hmm, yeah that is odd, it doesn't seem to have saved it as the right type of ingredient for some reason, looking into that.

  9. ioscode:
    2017-03-09 20:30:03, 3 years and 120 days ago

    Thanks for the heads up on that issue LtBeefy, it is all sorted now.

  10. LtBeefy:
    2017-03-10 10:03:04, 3 years and 119 days ago

    Yea thanks.

    Also idk how hard this would be to implement for the schematics for the resource % split. But instead of having a list of names for quality could u have it be a blank box just like "Add Group" then have a option 2 add % to it from a drop down list?

    Cant really tell what the % splits are without adding each one manually if unless if you know them by heart.

    Anyway, thanks for the earlier fix

  11. Xhe:
    2017-03-11 10:15:44, 3 years and 118 days ago

    Thanks for letting us add custom schematics, excellent feature.

    I am in the process of adding NGE droid module schematics to the SWG Legends server, however the skill groups Engineering Fundamentals II-VI seem to be missing. Is this something we can add to the drop down menu ourselves?

    Apologies if I've missed something blindingly obvious!

  12. ioscode:
    2017-03-13 09:25:17, 3 years and 116 days ago

    @LtBeefy I had originally intended to implement it the way you are talking about with a more free form entry for the resource weight %'s, but it turns out that that becomes to complicated to account for all the different combinations someone could possibly select and how those values will relate to each other from a ratio perspective when we save the schematic. An alternative might be that we explicitly describe the % values in the drop down in stead of describing based on the profession that primarily uses them.

    @Xhe Those missed skill groups should be showing up now.

  13. cyranal:
    2017-03-17 12:54:50, 3 years and 112 days ago

    First off, great feature add to the site.

    So, based on this thread, custom percentage breakdowns would be difficult to implement. Would it be possible to provide an option to override default % weights for the user similar to how you can use the Find option and define a "weight" to each value you want to search. Basilisk uses a weighted schematic calculation and for some recipes the server best spawns shown here on GH are not those shown in the game. We track these resources in our forums when they differ from GH. Being able to override the default split while in the schematic tab would give us the ability to simulate a weighted schematic average score instead of a the straight averages calculated here. It wouldn't be perfect but it would let us math nerds quickly determine server best materials for those weighted schematics.

  14. jawsont:
    2017-05-12 16:15:20, 3 years and 56 days ago

    iOSCode - any way you can implement a "purge from database" option for more established users? Noobs create a resource on the wrong galaxy (e.g. and then, instead of fixing it (maybe they don't have permissions yet?) they just add it instead to their own galaxy. That means I can't move it and it stays stuck on (in this case) Basilisk. Best option atm is to reset the stats all to 1 to indicate it was a false entry, but I'm sure that does the dbase no good.

  15. ioscode:
    2017-05-15 18:36:41, 3 years and 53 days ago

    @jawsont Please go to the resource page for that resource and move it to the "Trash Bin/Lost and Found" galaxy to get rid of it.

  16. jawsont:
    2017-05-15 19:13:57, 3 years and 53 days ago

    awesome - great idea.

  17. Sandarie:
    2017-07-08 09:18:38, 2 years and 364 days ago

    Hi there! We haven't created new professions, but we have moved some of the schematics around. For example, all of the chef foods from Artisan have moved into the Chef lines. Is it possible for me to delete schematics from the EiF Artisan? Or would that be considered a new profession that we need to build after moving/copying all the applicable schemes to the EiF profession?

    I hope this makes sense :)

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  18. Xavious:
    2017-07-10 06:24:22, 2 years and 362 days ago

    On the Aftermath server the admins have tweaked the schematics for armor.

    The Advanced Segments and Armor itself mats/amounts were slightly changed for all basic sets except comp which is default and the alien sets.

    The admin of the server is attempting to upload the server LUA files but is getting the following error:

    Add Schematic Action failed: Error: A schematic already exists with the same ID. Check if you need to edit the existing one, or change the ID in lua file.

    When he then goes to edit the schematic and can't.

    NOTE: He has the highest rep possible for anyone on the Aftermath server as he exports the resource spawns for his server every morning and uploads them to gh for his playerbase.

    Any help getting this working would be appreciated.

  19. ioscode:
    2017-07-15 12:11:48, 2 years and 357 days ago

    @Sandarie Yeah, you can't delete the base schematics, so you would just have to duplicate the artisan stuff with new entries under Chef.

    @Xavious That error means that before you try to upload those lua files, you have to manually tweak the ID of the schematic in the lua file which may be the same as another existing one and tweak it before uploading. If they could share the files they are having trouble uploading through GH support email, I can look at them and give a better answer about what is wrong.

  20. Thalix:
    2017-10-20 17:05:47, 2 years and 260 days ago

    Could you add Binary Liquid and Protective Liquid Coating to Misc Component to finish out the Mandalorian Helmet Schem I started, thank! If there is a better way to do this also, I can't require it to be a factory crate either.

  21. ioscode:
    2017-11-02 21:27:59, 2 years and 247 days ago

    @Thalix Yeah, the schematic editor is not currently set up to list looted components for you to add... it's on my list to get that added.

  22. MegatronG1:
    2018-03-21 23:03:24, 2 years and 108 days ago

    @I'm also having a problem adding a schematic, such as the Alliance Cold Weather Biceps and it only allows me to use the set grouppings. There isn't a 33%/33%/33% groupping available for me to set it.

  23. Joseph Seed Vest:
    2018-12-25 23:05:04, 1 year and 194 days ago

    What is exactly resources about? I want to post some resources but unable to post. I am not able to understand how to post resources. Please let me know.

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