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Update: The Bestiary And More

I sometimes find myself searching old websites trying to find which creatures drop a certain type of hide, meat, or bone. Now we can get the information right here on Galaxy Harvester. Click on a resource type link to go to it's page and you will now find a list of creatures that that resource type can be harvested from. Here is an example Dathomir Carnivore Meat.

A few other updates are listed here:

  • Resource Group ID is now included in the xml and csv export files.
  • You can now do a quick search by resource type from the home page.
  • Other basic resource type information such as Min/Max stats have been added to the Resource Type pages

Categories: features
Date: 2010-08-28 06:21:31, 9 years and 282 days ago


  1. Dracaris:
    2010-08-29 16:56:32, 9 years and 281 days ago

    I love you

  2. Dracaris:
    2010-08-29 18:04:27, 9 years and 281 days ago

    Oh yeah, I'm assuming you're going to wipe all of the GH data once the OR is put up as it'll all be pointless then?

  3. ioscode:
    2010-08-29 20:41:07, 9 years and 281 days ago

    Glad you like the update! Galaxy Harvester is set up to work for multiple galaxies (there's a selector in the top right box). When the OR wipe comes, I'll just add a new galaxy for it, and we'll have a new blank slate to start from, but the old Nova info will still be available.

  4. John:
    2010-09-07 08:05:50, 9 years and 272 days ago

    Wow, the site just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the hard work.

  5. ioscode:
    2010-09-07 08:22:52, 9 years and 272 days ago

    Glad to John, I hope to keep that trend moving forward!

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