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  1. kbarton10:
    2016-08-24 16:51:26, 2 years and 360 days ago

    2016-08-21 12:51:14 jawsont Verified Dathomir -
    2016-08-21 12:27:56 ATU Cleanup Corellia -
    2016-08-21 12:26:55 ATU Edit None Previous stats: ,335,43,318,511
    2016-08-21 12:25:31 ATU Planet Add Dathomir previously unavailable
    2016-05-06 01:07:14 default Cleanup
    I am seeing a lot of resources being added back to the site after being despawned for numerous years. Below is the Dath Insect meat entry showing its age and despawn, followed by an edit and restore to the live spawns. I am seeing more and more of these authored by users like acasto and enod. I don't think it's their fault, i think the names of new spawn are matching old spawn names. It has happened to me on Galaxy Harvester twice in the last couple of months, where a name I entered was already in the database of spawn. In each case I am repeating the vowel in the word so that it can be entered as a new spawn. I think you have a problem burgeoning in either the naming code used by SWG - or mispelled entries we've added. I left the Dath Insect alone so you can see the modifications and activations of the old name. THere are more (one I just despawned that was listed as Yavin and 364 days old - added by Enod.

    None -
    2014-12-03 17:37:33 dragon Cleanup None -
    2014-12-03 17:36:22 dragon Planet Add Corellia -
    2014-12-03 17:36:18 dragon Add None -
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