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Fixes and Cleanup

Today we have a laundry list of fixes and tweaks being published. Please review the following list for details, and enjoy.

  • Fix issue when adding new custom schematic via lua file upload causing error.
  • Display inventory units qty when available on schematic and find resources compare screens.
  • Fix issue with component schematic display listing custom schematics for other galaxies as schematics it can be used in.
  • Fix session and cookie management so your login is remembered for longer (6 months).
  • Add galaxy name to alerts so it is more clear what galaxy an alert is for if you play on multiple servers.
  • Fix display of in-game info on profile so multi line shows up right.
  • Added galaxy name to history list display on resource page to make it more obvious what resource galaxy is in.
  • Added ability to filter your recipe list by profession.


Categories: fixes
Date: 2020-05-26 18:06:12, 39 days ago


  1. Senii:
    2020-06-02 08:58:51, 32 days ago

    Hey there, have any of these fixes broken the alert system? I haven't had one in 7 days.

  2. jawsont:
    2020-06-02 11:31:06, 32 days ago

    Seems to be a backlog of alerts from over a week now (6/2/2020. Maybe the scripts are hung up like they were a year or two ago?

  3. Chris Berte:
    2020-06-02 16:04:33, 32 days ago

    I’m having the same issue with alerts. I haven’t received one since the patch. Is there a solution yet?

  4. Bigtap:
    2020-06-02 22:02:48, 32 days ago

    Also have not had an update in about a week now. Any new info on this?

  5. ioscode:
    2020-06-04 12:29:12, 30 days ago

    Taking a look, should be resolved soon.

  6. Chris Berte:
    2020-06-04 13:58:00, 30 days ago

    Just got my first alert since the patch! Fixed?

  7. senii:
    2020-06-04 16:21:11, 30 days ago

    just got 2 alerts for 2 spawn 8 days ago so looks like thinkgs are moving thanks Ioscode

  8. ioscode:
    2020-06-05 14:01:40, 29 days ago

    Yeah, it is chugging away again. Was not related to the update, just coincidentally got some weird data in the system around the same time that was killing the process. Will take a couple days or so to get caught up to present I think.

  9. jawsont:
    2020-06-15 05:56:03, 19 days ago

    Not sure if scripts are running wonky, but since the site got restarted/fixed back 6/4/2020 there seems to be a lot of stuttering. I will have pages that won't load, other times they'll load empty. When entering resources I could wait 2-3 minutes sometimes and the site won't take the resource. All that to say, sometimes still seems amiss.
    TY as always.

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