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Guest Feature: Copy Stats

Today we release the second guest feature submitted to the Galaxy Harvester open source code base. . GitHub user, MrKraken provided a new feature which allows you to copy a resources stats to your clipboard by clicking anywhere its stats are displayed.

An update was also made to the survey droid report submit button to call out what galaxy you are about to submit for to hopefully cut down on some accidental wrong galaxy submissions.

Thanks MrKraken!


Categories: features, guest
Date: 2019-10-29 19:26:25, 259 days ago


  1. jawsont:
    2019-11-06 03:52:25, 251 days ago

    not sure if it's related to the update, but on basilisk we have a multiple entry that we can't get rid of. Same resource name:
    Seems to have created the resource, then when put on a planet it can be marked as in-spawn or despawned, but there are a few spam entries that went along with it.

  2. ioscode:
    2019-11-08 20:34:54, 249 days ago

    Doesn't appear related, I'll look into a fix to prevent future duplicate entries.

  3. jawsont:
    2019-11-09 05:17:22, 248 days ago

    k, just coincidental. Keep up the good work

  4. jawsont:
    2019-12-13 04:18:11, 214 days ago

    Seems very slow to load and/or navigate the site sporadically since late in the first week of december to present.

  5. jawsont:
    2019-12-16 04:10:35, 211 days ago

    I think I've narrowed the slowdown to your lookup with google-analytics. Anytime the page is loading slowly i see this at the bottom of the page:

  6. jawsont:
    2019-12-19 04:11:39, 208 days ago

    I know you don't check often ioscode, but the website is hanging for minutes at a time sporadically these days.

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