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There are two upcoming server maintenance windows where Galaxy Harvester will be unavailable for a short time. Our hosting provider is doing operating system upgrades on the servers that Galaxy Harvester runs un. The site will be unavailable for up to two hours sometime in both of these windows:

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Categories: news, downtime
Date: 2019-08-18 12:52:17, 323 days ago


  1. jawsont:
    2019-09-14 17:30:26, 296 days ago

    Verified status of a resource is currently being overwritten if somebody uploads a ISR. Resource X is verified by player 1. 5 days later player 2 uploads an ISR and the resource now shows that player 2 has verified it instead. While it isn't a big deal, it does allow for people to 'farm' verified status simply be re-verifying resources other people have already verified.

    I have said verified far too many times in this comment. :)

  2. jawsont:
    2019-09-14 17:43:13, 296 days ago

    case in point look at user: kenobuOwan

    He'll file ISR's and it'll visibly wipe all previous verifieds so it appears as though all resources are being verified on a particular date.

  3. Rye:
    2019-09-21 18:57:55, 289 days ago

    On Basilisk, if a resource has not been hand Verified, ISR seems to be allowing resources to be verified on a global basis (based on the time codes). Can understand its use to show resources are still present, but not to be the Verification itself.

  4. Rye:
    2019-10-03 03:50:58, 277 days ago

    Data removed, Server Basilisk. 7 hrs ago user kenobuOwan removed several minerals from several planets while they are still there. Assume ISR is causing this to delete. See minerals lolloka, kegisa, geceris (more) on Talus, Naboo, Lok, Dant... Minerals still here at 0349 10/3/2019.

  5. Rye:
    2019-10-03 04:01:27, 277 days ago

    Further to wiped data. Several minerals marked as gone re-enabled. Appears data for certain planets might have been processed like a day earlier, and any data added since was overwritten, including adds and deletes.

  6. jawsont:
    2019-10-03 04:01:46, 277 days ago

    Same user/ISR also screwed up flora results (see Ottini) on Basilisk.

    iosCode - I know you probably don't monitor the site much anymore but I'm hoping you check in periodically. This has been going on for a few months now.

  7. jawsont:
    2019-10-03 12:40:51, 277 days ago

    So it looks like the user kenobu probably chose an outdated set of ISR reports, which automatically overwrote all current resources in spawn and removed them. Not sure how you fix that as part of an ISR report. There's already a "are you sure" warning so aside from a slap in the head. Just an enormous amount of work on other people's part fixing his screw ups.

  8. ioscode:
    2019-10-06 09:08:35, 274 days ago

    Hi gang, sorry, not much to be done here. In theory if someone is doing things wrong and they get corrected by others it will reduce their reputation and restrict them from being able to do things.

    The ISD report function is a tradeoff, on one hand we have more power and can save work reporting stuff, but on the other hand it provides the opportunity for more things to be messed up at once if someone messes up.

    As far as someone verifying a resource that was verified by someone else and then it showing as the 2nd person verified it, that is the way the site is designed to work. People can continue to verify things and this lets other players know that as of that time the resource was verified as still being around.

  9. jawsont:
    2019-10-06 09:10:53, 274 days ago

    Thanks for letting us know anyhow. :)

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