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Quality Based Alerts

Hi harvesters, the main feature coming to you today is a new way to set up your resource spawn alerts. You will now find a new separate table on the My Alerts page where you can define alert filters a little differently. Instead of specifying minimum stat values, you specify some combination of percentage weights for stats and a minimum quality value. Galaxy Harvester will check new spawns of that resource type/group to see if the calculation of their quality score meets your specified min based on the stat weights you specified and alert you if the quality score is at least the minimum.

Also, remember, you can use the Find Tool in compare mode to get an idea of quality scores of your current resources to help with figuring out what min quality scores to set for your alerts.

As usual, there's a few other minor fixes, etc. also, here they are:

  • Fixed favorite schematics on alerts page not filtering by selected galaxy.
  • Add ability to click on a waypoint row to copy in-game create waypoint command to clipboard.


Categories: features, fixes
Date: 2017-11-26 13:24:14, 355 days ago


  1. dave6092:
    2017-11-28 04:02:54, 353 days ago

    where are my previous alerts list at? also I added a herbivore meat to this new list and need to adjust the PE stat but can't find it now. Where do I see it at?

  2. ioscode:
    2017-11-28 11:20:44, 353 days ago

    Your previous alerts list is displayed in another table right below the new one. Keep in mind that the list is filtered by your selected galaxy. So if you have created alerts for some server some time ago, but now changed to a different server selection, you won't see the old alerts unless you switch back to viewing the other gerver/galaxy.

  3. dave6092:
    2017-11-28 19:36:44, 353 days ago

    I think my old list is deleted because I had many different resources listed and I don't see them in a table below the new section. All I see now is the herbivore meat I added earlier today.

  4. ioscode:
    2017-11-29 21:12:34, 352 days ago

    Can you see your old list if you switch to Basilisk galaxy?

  5. dave6092:
    2017-11-30 03:13:00, 351 days ago

    yes, though it is small...5 items are on it. I didn't use the alerts much when I played there. I guess I will have to set my alerts again is all for bloodfin.

  6. Daq:
    2018-08-13 17:16:23, 95 days ago

    Hey ioscode, long time buddy. So, I'm finding that I'm not getting alerts on spawns until 2,3,sometimes 4 or 5 days after the resources has spawned. Is this a bug? Or is it not updating until after someone has verified the spwan. If the latter is the case, is there a way to disable that feature because I'd rather not miss a spawn because I'm not watching the whole list.

  7. Xhe:
    2018-08-15 08:28:27, 93 days ago

    I'm also having the same problem as Daq above with alerts showing 4-5 days after spawn. Not only that but if I list a resource as unavailable I seem to lose reputation points, it's almost as if there is a problem with the system clock or something along those lines

  8. ioscode:
    2018-08-17 02:53:54, 91 days ago

    Hi Daq and Xhe, yeah the system got kinda backed up. I am working on getting it caught up now.

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