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Guest Feature: Creature Harvesting

Earlier this year, the source code for Galaxy Harvester was opened up for collaboration on GitHub. I am happy bring you the first feature provided by a guest developer through collaboration on GitHub today. GitHub user, cbortz provided a new feature called creature harvesting, as well as a few display fixes.

The creature harvesting feature is tool that allows you to look at the creature data on galaxy harvester from a higher level. Feel free to take a look, maybe it will prove helpful to some of you other scouts out there.


Categories: features, fixes, guest
Date: 2017-07-17 12:12:55, 2 years and 363 days ago


  1. jawsont:
    2017-08-18 07:39:54, 2 years and 331 days ago

    Not sure if it's doable, but can you filter the planets available in the dropdown menu based on your galaxy selection? I.e. I don't want to see the oodles of planets or resource addition types for other galaxies that aren't available for mine. thx

  2. ioscode:
    2017-08-26 15:25:48, 2 years and 323 days ago

    Plants and resource types are filtered based on galaxy in a lot of places, but maybe not everywhere. Where exactly are you seeing this?

  3. jawsont:
    2017-09-04 15:17:21, 2 years and 314 days ago

    For example:

    I'm seeing it in the list view. The dropdown shows every planet. Notice Bas is saved as the default galaxy top-right?

    In addition, even with Bas selected, if I go to submit resources there's a full list of all resources

    (see how the chandrilan animal bones are listed as an available option for submissions even though bas is the galaxy selected?)

    I think that will help with some x-posting across galaxies and it would make the app useable on a mobile should people want to do that since at the moment you have to scroll through 3 trillion possible resources before getting the one you want.

  4. jawsont:
    2017-09-04 15:20:24, 2 years and 314 days ago

    Ooops, also, is there a way you could opt out of certain types of notifications section at the top left? For example, the "you've gained 1 reputation because ...." It means I sometimes have to close dozens and dozens of those notices a day before seeing a notification of something useful to me like a resource that might have come up that triggered the internal notification system (i.e. Armorsmith notification).


  5. karkannas:
    2017-09-09 02:08:35, 2 years and 309 days ago

    What is the creature harvest yield based on? 100 or 0?

  6. ioscode:
    2017-09-09 09:17:20, 2 years and 309 days ago

    @jawsont I put in place some more filters for planets/resource types. Sorry, no way to opt out of those alerts other than turning all alerts off, but some later enhancements to alert system might help with that.

    @karkannas Not sure what you mean on the harvest yield, I just grab the raw numbers of yield amount straignt from the SWGEmu lua files, not sure exactly how it relates to in game yield, it is more of the relative value to other creatures that is key.

  7. jawsont:
    2017-09-09 10:15:37, 2 years and 309 days ago

    You're a saint.

  8. karkannas:
    2017-09-12 04:41:04, 2 years and 306 days ago

    I see. Thanks. Where would I find the files you are talking about?

  9. ioscode:
    2017-09-19 21:45:19, 2 years and 299 days ago


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