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Coming Soon - Mobile Apps!

Things sure have been quiet around here for a while. That is not because Galaxy Harvester has been abandoned, far from it. For quite some time, having a Galaxy Harvester mobile app has been at the top of the suggestions list. For the past several months, the answer to that call has been in development. The Galaxy Harvester mobile app is now getting close to release!

Here are some details:

  • When Available? Sometime in March or early April 2016
  • What Platforms? Android, iOS, and Windows Phone
  • How Much Will It Cost? 0.99 USD
  • What Languages? English, French, German, Norwegian

You might also be wondering what it can do. Here is the feature list for the app as currently planned for the initial release.

  • Login/Logout
  • Select Galaxy
  • Register
  • Password Reset
  • Add/Edit Resources
  • Add/Edit Waypoints
  • Browse Recent Activity
  • Search Resources By Type,Group,Quality,Availability,Name,Favorites
  • Manage Spawn and Despawn Alert Filters
  • Get Alerts inside Mobile App
  • Browse News
  • OCR Partial Resource Add assist with camera

And, how about a little sneak peak too...


Categories: news, features, mobile
Date: 2016-02-28 17:51:25, 4 years and 138 days ago


  1. Dasch:
    2016-03-04 23:25:30, 4 years and 133 days ago

    This is awesome! Looking forward to the iOS release. Let me know if you need any testing! Cheers

  2. Rick:
    2016-03-13 09:05:07, 4 years and 124 days ago

    sounds great, I love the idea of idea of resource adding from the camera - sometimes it's so hard to read the tiny tine print in the popup windows (why can't it be adjusted, like the chat box?)
    will the Android version be on the Amazon store, so I can use it on my BlackBerry?

  3. ioscode:
    2016-03-13 11:54:16, 4 years and 124 days ago

    I did not think of publishing to the Amazon store, will look into that, thanks. If the process is not too long, we may be able to release there at the same time as the other stores.

  4. Sam:
    2016-12-28 06:03:21, 3 years and 199 days ago

    Was able to get it from Google Play, but can't log in, and can't select my server. Is this working?

  5. ioscode:
    2016-12-28 15:58:12, 3 years and 199 days ago

    Hi Sam, yeah you should be able to do that no problem. Just click the bottom left icon of the yellow person with a cog to open your login and server settings. Please send us an email at the support address if you have any issues.

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