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Resource Admin

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. That's why today we're adding the ability to fix an incorrectly entered resource name, and the ability to correct the galaxy a resource was entered for. These controls will appear on the page for each resource which you can get to by clicking on a resource name anywhere it shows up on the site. These controls will only show up if you are logged in and have a high enough reputation on the site.


Categories: features
Date: 2013-09-15 15:22:30, 6 years and 296 days ago


  1. santori:
    2013-10-17 13:28:33, 6 years and 264 days ago

    thanks for doing this Ioscode! No more wrong server listings - or at least they can be fixed "just like that"...

  2. crunchy:
    2014-03-19 08:52:12, 6 years and 111 days ago

    Good thinking and nice job

  3. Releximas:
    2015-01-14 00:36:31, 5 years and 175 days ago

    Lol! I think I found a bug in the Resource Corrector... I click on a resource name (Waybri) by error (to find out how to re-verify) and clicked Save and suddenly got credit for finding the resource days ago? Can you correct that for the true finder? :)

  4. ioscode:
    2015-01-15 15:23:18, 5 years and 174 days ago

    Yes, if you launch the stats editor and click save, it updates to show that person having entered the resource. It is that way on purpose to reflect the person who entered the stats correctly the first time. Unfortunately it does not check to see if the stats were actually different than the original values, so I will fix that when I get a chance.

  5. fisk31:
    2015-04-08 22:31:58, 5 years and 91 days ago

    triyquibism 248 days ago by 4T3T

    That resource is not on server, and not on Endor tried to figure out how to let it be known that's a mistake. Instead said I verified it today.

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