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Factory Calculator

Just a quick note to let everyone know a factory run calculator has been added to the Recipe page. Get those factories running!


Categories: features
Date: 2013-05-24 11:38:06, 7 years and 53 days ago


  1. inde:
    2013-10-01 08:32:55, 6 years and 288 days ago

    you say a factory calculator was added to recipe page. I click the recipe link and don't see anything.. I click a resource and choose a specific recipe and don't see anything. Am I going blind or did it not get added?

  2. ioscode:
    2013-10-01 08:49:13, 6 years and 288 days ago

    Are you going here - ? Once you are there, you have to create a new recipe if you haven't created one yet. Once you open that recipe, you will see the factory calculator.

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